The Last Call from Lethbridge, AB

Calgary, AB: This year’s Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge wrapped up Saturday Night in Lethbridge, AB. This is the last you will hear for a while about the event. Hopefully you all enjoyed the coverage, and enjoy this new column with the added stats and weekend awards.

Here’s the interview with Devon after Dave Poulsen talked to him the first night. Thanks again for doing these interviews this weekend Dave!

What we didn’t know then was that he would end up the event champion.With the $7,500 from Lethbridge that he won, Devon made his way into the 15th spot on the PBR’s Touring Pro Division Standing’s, the same standings that the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series uses as a feeder system.

It just so happens that today between the time I first posted this story and now, that Devon got the call to go to this weekend’s last Cowboy Standing event in Detroit, MI. Where there he has a chance to win a whole pile of money. Last year’s Last Cowboy Standing was Luke Snyder. He picked up a cool $1/4 Million there in Las Vegas.

When asked about what he thought of being called to this event Mezei said

“I think it’s a cool concept with a huge opportunity to make a lot of money and a name for yourself.”

What some of you may not know is that Devon won all of his money to get to where he is from Canadian events. He added

“Well the call says it all. I’ve been to four events so far and won one and placed third twice and that’s been enough to get in and get a shot. So it shows how important those events are.”

Speaking of those events and Devon, here is this weekend’s:

Ride of the Weekend

It was an easy pick to go with Devon’s ride on the Calgary Stampede bull Pawn Star. A bull previously not ridden.

Bull of the Weekend

In my opinion the bull of the weekend from Lehbridge was Curtis Sawyer’s 750 Nedley Mandingo. The same bull Tyler Pankewitz rode to win the event last weekend in Abbotsford threw off both Jared Farley and Ty Elliot putting up scores of at least 22 out of 25 points from each judge each night.

Here’s Jared Farley’s attempt Friday Night:

Contractor Stats:

This is another bit of information that will be shared at certain PBR Canada events this year. We will share the top contractor average bull scores for those contractors who have a minimum of three bulls out per night.  By contractor from the first night in Lethbridge the Calgary Stampede was 1st with 21.25 from 6 different bulls and the Wild Hoggs were 2nd with and average of 21.13 on 4 outs. These scores were taken from Ryan Byrne’s judge cards.

Night two we looked at Justin Keeley’s judging cards to see that both Eno/Kubinchak and Two Bit Bucking bulls tied for the top spot with an average of 21.625 on 4 outs. Sawyer Bucking Bulls was 3rd with a 21.5 average on 3 outs.

Great job as usual to 3D Bullriding on bringing a high quality set of bucking bulls for the event.

Overall Lethbridge was a great bull riding and has been now for ten consecutive years! We all look forward to Lethbridge again next year.

I’m looking for your thoughts here as well. Did you think I made the right picks on bull of the weekend? How about the ride of the weekend? Share your thoughts below!



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