The Last Call – Asquith, SK

Asquith, SK: Aaron Roy came within a single point of winning his own event on Thursday night. It didn’t work out in his favor. It would almost seem like cheating to win your own event though wouldn’t it?

Either way, Aaron made a great ride on the Braithwaite Bull Jackson James a bull that has really been having a great year.

I’ve still got to go with the ride of the night being Stetson Lawrence on the Berezay bull Bucking Fantastic though for the win of it all at 91 points.


Ride of the Night

Stetson Lawrence vs. Two Bit Bucking Bull’s Bucking Fantastic

After that ride, I got the chance to talk with Steton about it along with his win.

The bull was the other half of the equation. Josh Berezay, Bucking Fantastic’s owner, of Two Bit Bucking Bulls from McGrath, AB told me a bit more about his great bull after the event was over for the evening.


Bull of the Night

This one was a tough choice since there were a ton of great bulls at the event. According to Merle Freeman’s score cards, about half of the short round bulls were all marked a 22.5 out of 25.

Of course I could have went with Bucking Fantastic, but that wouldn’t be very interesting since he was half of the ride of the night. I had to go with Slash here. In my opinion, he looked like the bull that if rode, Dusty would have won the short round on. Not to take away anything from any of the other bulls, but I think it would have been a big one.

WV 400 Slash vs. Dusty Ephrom


Bull Stats from the Aaron Roy Invitational

When it comes down to the numbers on the bulls from the Aaron Roy Invitational, it was a close race at the top with only 1/2 a point separation. These scores come from Merle Freeman’s cards as well from those contractors with a minimum of three outs.

  1. Vold/Robinson – 108.5 points on 5 outs for a 21.7 point average
  2. Braithwaite Ranches – 108 points on 5 outs for a 21.6 point average
  3. Two Bit Bucking Bulls – 85.5 points on 4 outs for a 21.375 point average
  4. Girletz Rodeo Stock – 106.5 points on 5 outs for a 21.3 point average
3D Bullriding Tour Standings – Presented by SIGA
Unofficially, here are the updated standings now after two events. The top money winner at the end of the tour will receive a $5,000 bonus. The top placing rider at the final event of the year in Lloydminster, SK that’s been to all of the qualifying events will win the truck this September.
  1. Aaron Roy $8,687
  2. Ty Pozzobon $6,675
  3. Stetson Lambert $3,165
  4. Chad Besplug $2,606
  5. Garrett Green $2,320
  6. Tanner Byrne $1,808
  7. Ty Elliot $1,647
  8. Zane Lambert $999
Next up on tap will be the 4th Stop on the 2012 3D Bullridng Tour Presented by SIGA. The Wanham Bullriding Extravaganza will take place in Wanham, AB on June 15th & 16th. Grande Prairie, AB is the  closest town most would recognize the name it’s about 45 minutes South East of Wanham.
Entries are open for it until Wednesday June 6th with the PBR.
To check in to the event on Facebook, check out this link:
There will be a ride off once again. It will take place as the final ride of the weekend on Saturday Night. Check back later this week for more information on that.




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