Shivers on his way out in Style

Las Vegas, NV: Chris Shivers couldn’t really be doing much better at this year’s PBR World Finals. He won last night’s round and won tonight’s round as well with a 90.75 score on the Page bull Shepherd Hills Sod Buster. All of this took place barely after Chris received a standing ovation from the entire crowd at the Thomas & Mack after his retirement presentation. After his short speech, he was quoted in this tweet on Twitter.

There weren’t many eyes without a tear at that moment.

In the arena, when accepting his second buckle of the week for a round win, Shivers let everyone know which bull he’d be picking at tonight’s draft. It’s a matchup a lot of people have been wanting to see for years.

Chris Shivers vs. Chicken on a Chain 

It’s going to be one for the ages. What a way for a bull rider to finish off his career though one of the best bulls ever in the PBR retiring the same very weekend. Winning the World Finals would be quite the way to finish one of, if not the best career of all time.

Tonight, our Canadian bull riders didn’t make the whistle once again. Tomorrow it’ll surely be better once the guys get to pick again. All of us are sure hoping so anyway.

The bulls from the great white north did show up well.

Kody Lostroh and the Two Bit Bucking Bull 861 Bucking Fantastic just about matched up for a whole bunch of points in this out.


Stormy Wing took on the Eno/Kubinchak bull Foul Play and nearly got to the whistle. What he did get at the end was nearly run over.


That interview promised with Chad Besplug is yet on it’s way. Stay tuned for it tomorrow along with one from Darin Eno and Unabomber on the great bull’s retirement.

From Las Vegas, NV for Everything, Two Bit Bucking Bulls, The Brad Phipps Memorial PBR and 3D Bullriding Inc, I’m Ted Stovin.




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