Same Old Story in Coronation: Roy Wins for Fouth Time

Coronation, AB: For the fourth time in ten years, Aaron Roy is the Royal Rumbull Champion. 88 points on the Vold Bull Big Valley Black was more than enough to get the first place check.

As the season is rounding third base and heading for home, things are a bit different than they were in March. One big difference is the number of riders still going at this point. It’s no lie that those without a chance to make certain finals, ones that are sore and putting their effort into certain places or if you are plain broke at this time, there simply aren’t as many it’s just how it is today.

Quantity was certainly lower last night at the Coronation Ag Society Royal Rumbull with regards to bull riders, what was higher percentage wise compared to probably anywhere else was the quality.

For a man that rides as good as he does, Josh Birks may have been in a lot different places if he had been riding in different places thus far in 2012. He’s won over $30,000 in other associations, last night was only his third PBR event. 86 points was the result as the first bull rider out in the entire Royal Rumbull up against the big spinning brindle Skori Bull Evil Roy Slade.


Australia was on top already when Brendon Clark came to go. Clark was up here last night for Coronation and is here tonight for the Langham, SK PBR Canada as well. Looking to make his way back to the Built Ford Tough Series, he needed to get two rode. Nate Gardner’s Bet on Deuces took him to the short go to give him that opportunity.


Manitoba native Zane Lambert went next on the Eno/Kubinchak bull Bucket List. Zane kept his hand closed and rode a lot of Bucket List for an 83 with his new Brazilian rope that sure seems to be working.


Next up was Aaron Roy. There’s not much to say about Aaron besides he wins nearly every time up here in the Touring Pro Division as of late. Roy has won three of three that he’s been to including Manor and Eatonia. This Sawyer Bull got Aaron right in the danger zone at the end too. Guess he might not have liked being rode.


Skyler McBride, then Ty Patten and finally Cody Moore got on the top three bulls of the long go in my opinion. They were, FHRC838 High Deifinition, SWYR369 Night Time 9 and HOGS111 Devil’s Henchman respectively. Stay tuned for bull scores once they are processed for
Here’s a quick look at those three. What are your thoughts?


As the second last man out the gate, Beau Hill needed only a score to make it back to the Short Go. He did much more than that making good on our In the Bull Pen pick coming within one point of Josh Birks’ 86 on Girletz’s Big Easy.


Long Go Unofficial Results
1. Josh Birks 86 on SKRI42 Evil Roy Slade, $965.60
2. Beau Hill 85, $724.20
3. Zane Lambert 83, $482.80
4. Brendon Clark 82.5, $241.40
5. Aaron Roy 81.5
6. Tyler Pankewitz 79.5
7. Tanner Byrne 76.5


Darin Eno takes great pride in assembling the greatest bull pen he can each year for the Royal Rumbull. This year it featured the likes of some of Canada’s best including VJV Slash and First Nation Sensation who both went to last year’s PBR World Finals. Great bulls and great bull riders, make for big scores. That’s what happened last night too.

Drawn back to the Short Go on time, Justin Lloyd was first to go, matched up with the Eno/Kubinchak bull Foul Play.


Adam Jamison is from New Zealand and has been here in Canada for a few months now. His brother Andrew was over here last year. Adam has had success at lower levels of competition and nearly rode his Long Go bull Uncle Moe of Nate Gardner’s. He didn’t make the same mistake twice in one night making this 85 point ride on the Wild Hoggs bull Axis of Evil.


2010 CFR Qualifier Ty Patten hit the ground pretty hard in the long go. It didn’t phase him at all, or it might have and changed his luck around for the better. 87 points was the result after a whole ton of try on Ellie Skori’s Smoke Ring. The Patten & Pollitt Performance Horse Sale takes place this coming Sunday too for those of you in the market for a great horse.


Last week in Eatonia, Aaron Roy won the event, a few weeks before that he won in Manor, last night in Coronation, he made his way into the lead with this big 88 point effort on Vold’s 407 Big Valley Black.


Brendon Clark had the bull he needed to be enough points to get past Roy. It’s one that was marked 45 of a possible 50 points in Eatonia in the long go. TJ is probably going to be in the Short Go from here on out.


Zane Lambert and Josh Birks were unable to make it to the whistle on Cool Valley and First Nation Sensation. Beau Hill however rode Vold’s South Side Fade to get himself to second in the average to earn himself the second biggest check of the night.

Since I wasn’t able to catch up with Aaron Roy last week in Eatonia because only a few hours after he was on a plane bound for Tulsa, I got a few words with him last night about the win, his success in Coronation and how the past few weeks have been.

Thanks to Darin & Lori Eno, the Coronation Ag Society and the entire crew of volunteer’s once again for having me and putting so much work into another great Royal Rumbull. Without events like this bull riding in Canada wouldn’t be as big of a hit as it is.

From Coronation for Everything Cowboy, I’m Ted Stovin.

Unofficial Short Go Results
1. Aaron Roy 88 on WV407 Big Valley Black
2. Ty Patten 87
3. Adam Jamison 85
4. Beau Hill 77


1. Aaron Roy 169/2, $3,379.60
2. Beau Hill 162/2, $2,414.00
3. Ty Patten 87/1, $1,448.40
4. Josh Birks 86/1, $965.60
5. Adam Jamison 85/1, $579.36
6. Zane Lambert 83/1, $386.24
7. Brendon Clark 81.5/1, $289.68
8. Tyler Pankewitz 79.5/1, $193.12

Unofficial Total Money Won courtesy of timer, secretary and promoter Lori Eno. Thanks Lori!

  1. Aaron Roy $3,379.60
  2.  Beau Hill $3,138.20
  3. Josh Birks $1,931.20
  4. Ty Patten $1,448.40
  5. Zane Lambert $869.04
  6. Adam Jamison $579.36
  7. Brendon Clark $531.08
  8. Tyler Pankewitz $193.12



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