Manor, SK: Aaron Roy is tonight’s Champion Bull Rider here from the Manor Fun Daze PBR Canada Touring Pro Event at the Manor Fair Grounds.

There wasn’t a seat in the area left open and the weather couldn’t have been any better for the bull riding. Even with a few rain drops, no one moved an inch. Luckily the thunderstorm didn’t get there until everything was all finished up. We had never seen anything quite like it on the drive back to Carlyle.

One of the most even bull pens all year was brought to Manor for this year’s event. The bulls came from Local R Saga Ranch, Girletz Rodeo Stock, The Calgary Stampede, Wild Hoggs & Skori Bucking Bulls as well as Kropius & Morton.

Here’s how it all took place.


Skyler McBride put the first score of the night on the board with an 82 on Skori’s 55 Smoke Show.


One of the stronger bulls in the Long Go was R Saga Ranch’s Supertramp shown here up against Justin Lloyd.


Scott Schiffner got the next score with this sort of wild start with an 83.5 on KM697 Hands Free.


Schiffner’s traveling partner, Ty Patten went next and put up this 84.5 on KM81 Doodle Bug.


Scott & Ty’s other travelling partner, Beau Hill got their car another score on the leader board with this 84 on RSGAA54 Rooster Cogburn.


Reid Lozier stayed on GRS63 Forget Me Not for a solid 82.5 point score but got caught up in a bit of a wind storm at the end.


Saskatchewan favorite, Aaron Roy put up a solid 84 on HOGS875 Moves Like Jagger which Ty Pozzobon rode for an 85 about a month ago in Wanham.


Speaking of Ty Pozzobon, he won the Long Go with this 85.5 on CS894 Grey Water.


There was a bit of bull riders getting knocked out last night. Teagan Hodgson was one of them. He walked out after this hit from HOGS667 Little Joe. We are still awaiting an update on Jake Wilson who was transported to hospital by ambulance last night.


Finishing out the Long Round, Kyle Lozier rode the Skori Bull 42 Evil Roy Slade for an 84.


Going into the Short Go, these were the standings.

  1. Ty Pozzobon 85.5 on CS894 Grey Water
  2. Kyle Lozier 84.5
  3. (Tie) Ty Patten 84
  4. (Tie) Beau Hill 84
  5. (Tie) Aaron Roy 84
  6. Scott Schiffner 83.5
  7. Reid Lozier 82.5
  8. Skyler McBride 82


Then came the Short Round.

After a buck off from Skyler McBride, Scott Schiffner put up this huge effort on the Kropius & Morton Bull Iron Man which  was also the night’s Bounty Bull for a $1,000 bonus.


Even though he didn’t really like his draw that much, Aaron Roy managed to stick to the Wild Hoggs Bull 62 Freckles for an 85.


Montana’s Beau Hill took on the bull with the best name around from the Calgary Stampede 868 Everything Cowboy.


As the last man out in the Short Round, all Ty Pozzobon had to do was be about 85 points to win the event. The Skori Bull 703 Gingas Kong had the power to take him to way more than 85 points.


Final Event Standings

  1.  Aaron Roy 169/2 – $2,458.20
  2. Ty Pozzobon 85.5 – $2,294.32
  3. Kyle Lozier 84.5 – $1,474.92
  4. (Tie) Ty Patten 84 – $688.30
  5. (Tie) Beau Hill 84 – $688.30
  6. Scott Schiffner 83.5 – $262.21
  7. (Tie) Reid Lozier 82 – $163.88
  8. (Tie) Skyler McBride 82 -$163.88


Since he was the only man to ride two bulls,  Aaron Roy was the night’s winner. Even if he didn’t like the ride on Freckles, it was a re match that he was able to win. Here’s what he had to say about the win.


Thanks again to everyone in Manor for having us all out once again. One thing you can sure look forward to in Manor if you haven’t been before is the Beef & Pork BBQ too!

See you all in Manor in 2013!



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