Roy Wins 10th Annual Eatonia Harvest Crunch, Overtakes Besplug for PBR Canada Lead

Eatonia, SK: With 172 points on two head total including an 87 point effort on the Girletz Bull Bush Hog in the Short Go, Aaron Roy wins yet another PBR Canada Touring Pro Event tonight in Eatonia.

Hot August Nights is what we could call this weekend of PBR Canada action. All you could see throughout the crowd were the programs, ball caps and hats fanning the eager spectators keeping them reasonably at bay from the heat. It’s funny how that usually works to where when it’s hot out, it’s hotter inside but when it’s cold outside it’s probably colder inside.

That being said, my Dad always told me “Some people would still complain even if you hung ’em with a new rope.” Any day we are on this side of the ground is a good day. Last night’s bull riding was an exceptional day to be around too.

After a bit of a rough start with some riders and bulls maybe not having the best days, Justin Lloyd made the first real good ride of the night with an 83 point score on the Girletz Bull Candyman.


Montana’s Matt Triplett hadn’t been up here to Canada in a little while. He’ll make the most of this trip if he keeps riding like this.


As one of the last few men out in the long go, the Two Time PBR Canadian Champion Aaron Roy capitalized on the newer five year old from the Eno/Kubinchak Bucking Bull Firm who highlighted the entire night’s bull pen.


The high marked bull of the long go came from the Eno Family. They call this one TJ. Greg Whitlow and Mac McKie marked him a 45 for this trip.


Black Chicago of the Wild Hoggs is a great bull that’s shown up well this year as a four year old. Ty Patten was 69 points on his first bull and awarded a re-ride which he wasn’t able to get out on. The next re-ride was Black Chicago and I think Ty would have liked for this to go better than it did.


After the Long Go it stacked up like this.

  1. Aaron Roy 85 on EKBB707 Dragon’s Den
  2. (Tie) Matt Triplett 83
  3. (Tie) Justin Lloyd 83
  4. Kyle Lozier 75
  5. Scott Schiffner 70.5
Five bull riders were drawn back due to time in order to fill the ten man short go. Mexico Native and Two Time CIRA Champion Armando Davila Rodriguez started it off better than anyone could have bet.


Next to go was Zane Labert, the only man to finish in the Top Ten in the PBR Canada every single year since it’s inception.  This was a re-match from the Prince Albert, SK Event in April where Zane was victorious.


Foul Play of Eno/Kubinchak put up the highest bull score in Canada this year so far with a 46.5 up against Stetson Lawrence. He’s a bull that’s got a few different trips that no one seems to get along with very well yet since he’s yet to be ridden.


Kyle Lozier of 150 Mile House, BC has been having a bit of a rough so since June when he won the $25,000 in Wanham. He’s back on track and booked his flight to San Antonio next week for his BFTS Debut.


Matt Triplett tied with Justin Lloyd in the Long go with an 83. He matched up with Big Country’s Murphy’s Law. Not really anything went wrong though. He even did a sweet back flip but was too close to the camera for it to look right. Plus the camera man missed it.


Aaron Roy was matched up with the big black horned bull Bush Hog and rode him flawlessly. He needed an 84 to win the event and pass Triplett.


When the event was finished, Roy had enough points to get himself the win. About ten minutes from when it finished up, he was in his car and driving home to sleep for a few hours before flying out this morning to make his way to Tulsa, OK to make his return to the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series. After an average spring Aaron want’s to get his way back into the top ten. Now, first in Canada and riding well, look for him to keep climbing those standings and have another great World Finals.


Unofficial Results & Payout

Long Go.

  1. Aaron Roy 85 on EKBB707 Dragon’s Den $682.04
  2. (Tie) Justin Lloyd 83 $426.28
  3. (Tie) Matt Triplett 83 $426.28
  4. Kyle Lozier 75 $170.51


Short Go.

  1. Aaron Roy 87 on GRS613 Bush Hog
  2. Matt Triplett 86.5
  3. Armando Davila Rodriguez 86
  4. Kyle Lozier 83.5



  1. Aaron Roy 172/2 $2,443.98
  2. Matt Triplett 169.5/2 $1,761.94
  3. Kyle Lozier 158.5/2 $1,079.90
  4. Armando Davila Rodriguez 86/1 $736.88
  5. Justin Lloyd 83/1 $466.06
  6. Scott Schiffner 70.5/1 $329.56


Total Winnings & Unofficial BFTS Incentive Standings

  1. Aaron Roy $3,126.02
  2. Matt Triplett $2,188.21
  3. Kyle Lozier $1,250.41
  4. Justin Lloyd $892.33
  5. Armando Davila Rodriguez $738.88
  6. Scott Schiffner $329.66

That’s a wrap from here in Eatonia for their Tenth Annual Harvest Crunch Bull A Rama. I’d like to personally thank Dave Becker, his wife and the entire Eatonia Bull A Rama committee for having me at their bull riding. I’d never been before and sure was impressed. Not a single seat was left open in the hockey arena turned bull riding pen. From what’s been said too you won’t often find a seat. You’ll want to get your tickets early for next year.

Thanks again Eatonia, thanks for having us and putting on such a great event every time!



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