Roy Prevails for Comeback Win

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SASKATOON, Saskatchewan — Aaron Roy returned to the sport of Professional Bull Riding in historical fashion, with a win at the 2014 PBR Canada Finals at the Sasktel Center in Saskatoon.

Coming back to competition for the first time since the 2013 Calgary Stampede, Roy was proud to have his family behind him.

“This means a lot. I had been chasing this finals title for a long time and I came in this weekend just hoping to get at least one rode,” said Roy. “To win this finals, have Hallie and my son (Axel) here to witness it, through all the dedication we’ve had this whole 16 months, It means a lot”

After a buck-off on Friday night in Round 1, Roy redeemed himself with an 85.5 on Country Junkie from Eno Bucking Bulls in Round 2 on Saturday.

In the Championship Round, Roy rode Bull of the Year contender Trendon from the Wild Hoggs for the highest score of the weekend bringing the crowd to their feet for the second time of the evening.

At the end of the night once handed the buckle for winning the finals, Aaron said he’s still undecided on his future plans in the sport of Professional Bull Riding. Even after earning over $12,000 in two days work.

“It’s true I’m still undecided. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I don’t know if I go back or I just go to a few here and there but ya I’m undecided,” commented Roy.

Leaving on his own terms is important to the Yellow Grass, SK man after two of his brothers were forced from competition due to injuries sustained in or out of the arena.

“The drive for me to come this weekend was just to prove to myself an injury didn’t stop my career,” Aaron finished.

“Aaron Roy just cemented the fact he is the best bull rider to represent this country in the PBR’s 21 year existence,” said event promoter Jason Davidson of 3D Bull Riding Inc. concluding the finals event in which he spearheaded. Putting his own neck on the line to tremendous success, this event could be called the best ever in Canadian Bull Riding from all aspects.

Aaron Roy and Trendon

Aaron Roy rides Wild Hoggs’ Trendon to 90 points to win the 2014 PBR Canada Finals in Saskatoon, SK at the Sasktel Center. November 15th, 2014. Photo by Kaylee Mohl.

Stetson Lawrence was presented with his Championship Cup on Saturday as the PBR Canada Champion for 2014. Lawrence did not compete this weekend due to a knee injury and had won the title before the finals began.

Australia’s Josh Birks; PBR Built Ford Tough Series Superstar Chase Outlaw; Alberta’s 2010 Canadian Pro Rodeo Champion Jesse Torkelson and North Dakota’s Nathan Schaper rounded out the top five respectively in Saskatoon for their share of the $40,000 in added prize money.

Bull of the Finals at the eighth edition of the PBR Canadian Finals went to Red Mile from Wyatt Daines, Kris and Ryan Russell in his trip against Chase Outlaw in Round 2. Bull of the Year was accepted by Rusty Clunie of Flying Four Bucking Bulls on Friday Night for their bull, Bad Mammer Jammer.

The 2015 PBR Canada Schedule is yet to be released. Stay tuned to for details as they are announced.

Jason and Aaron presentation

An emotional Jason Davidson presents Aaron Roy with his buckle for winning the 2014 PBR Canada Finals event title at the Sasktel Center in Saskatoon, SK on Saturday November 15th, 2014.


Official Results from the 2014 PBR Canada Finals at the Sasktel Center in Saskatoon, SK on November 14th and 15th, 2014.

Round One: 1. Rocky McDonald on Two Bit Bucking Bulls’ Devil’s Wing, 87 points, $1,600; 2. Ty Pozzobon, 86, $1,200; 3. (tie) Chase Outlaw and Tanner Byrne, 85.5, $600 each; 5. (tie) Josh Birks and Cody Coverchuk, 83.5; no other qualified rides.

Round Two: 1. Dakota Buttar on Calgary Stampede’s Grey Water, 86.5 points, $1,600; 2. Aaron Roy, 85.5, $1,200; 3. Cole Young, 85, $800; 4. Jesse Torkelson, 84.5, $400; 5. (tie) Nathan Schaper, Jordan Hansen and Kyle Primeau, 83; 8. Adam Jamison, 82.5; 9. Dusty Ephrom, 81; 10. Tanner Byrne, 72.

Championship Round: 1. Aaron Roy on Wild Hoggs’ Trendon, 90 points, $1,600; 2. Josh Birks, 89, $1,200; 3. Jesse Torkelson, 86.5, $800; 4. Chase Outlaw, 86, $400; 5. Nathan Schaper, 85.5; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Aaron Roy, 175.5 points on two bulls, $12,040; 2. Josh Birks, 172.5/2, $7,640; 3. Chase Outlaw, 171.5/2, $4,640; 4. Jesse Torkelson, 171/1, $3,720; 5. Nathan Schaper, 168.5/2, $1,960; 6. Tanner Byrne, 157.5/2, $2,000; 7. Rocky McDonald, 87/1, $2,720; 8. Dakota Buttar, 86.5/1, $2,440; 9. Ty Pozzobon, 86/1, $1,760; 10. Cole Young, 85/1, $1,080.

Pictured below from right to left: Aaron, Axel and Hallie Roy.




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