Ready for Round Two: PBR World Finals

Las Vegas, NV: This is that interview promised to you all with Zane Lambert. He’s ready for Round Two and got another bull he will get himself a score on.


This afternoon I was visiting with Jenn & Nansen Vold and they told me about the now Circle T Bull 822 Little Kombat. As it turns out, that bull was raised by Bailey & Curtis Sawyer and sold to Annette & Reese Smith who are partners with Kelly & Robyn Armstrong. Last year they sold that bull to Circle T. Tonight, Little Kombat was picked by Aaron Roy. It’s a matchup you’ll surely see here on

Best of luck Aaron.

On a final note before the performance starts, the Eno/Kubinchak great, 341 Unabomber will be retired tomorrow night here at the World Finals. Look for an interview with Darin Eno tomorrow on that great bull’s retirement.

From Las Vegas, NV for Everything and 3D Bullriding Inc, I’m Ted Stovin.



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