What’s That Bull for Day One of the Ranchman’s Renegades PBR

CALGARY, Alberta — In 1999, Ranchman’s founder Harris Dvorkin bet former steer wrestler Ron Scott a dollar that he could do a bull riding event in his parking lot.

2015 marks the 16th annual Ranchman’s Renegades PBR Bull Bustin’. The event has become the unofficial kick off to the Calgary Stampede attracting 3,500 people per day. Over the past 16 years the Ranchman’s Renegades has aided many charities including the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Kids Cancer Care Foundation, Project 118 Youth Ranch and most recently Project Warmth Society and Child Find Alberta.

The event has become so successful that in 2014, a third day was added in support of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center.

Professional Bull Riding begins on June 30th featuring $12,500 in added money as one event, another $12,500 is up on July 1st and the Packers Plus PBR Bull Bustin’ in support of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Center boasts yet $10,000 more on Thursday. Between the three it’s over $35,000 added plus $7,500 in entry fees, a potential 180 points towards the PBR’s World Standings and don’t forget the trophy spurs.

TICKETS are still available for all three nights.

Adam Jamison was the big winner here last year earning over $20,000 in three days. He’s not up the first day so here are my picks on a few of the top match-ups to watch out for.


Josh Birks vs. 962 Wanderlust – There’s been no one to win more events or money in Bull Riders Canada competition this year than Birks. In the PBR in Canada he’s done well and sits ninth in points and 13th in money. Between the two he’s earned over $26,000. Wanderlust is a bull he’s going to win more on too. A blue bull from the Girletz’s, my bet on these two is an 85 at the minimum.

Zane Lambert vs. 60 Renegade – This is a rematch from one of the first events I ever covered for Everything Cowboy. As you can see in the phone video below, Zane was the winner that time for every point of the 83.5 he got that day. It’ll likely be wild and western again on Tuesday night and match the atmosphere of the event.


Beau Brooks vs. 734 X Factor – When I looked up this matchup I found out Beau got on X Factor last summer in Cochrane. That time the bull was victorious. According to ProBullStats.com X Factor hasn’t been ridden but that’s only on the records they have as Tyler Pankewitz has rode the bull twice for scores of 88 and 85.5. The bull spun left the first time then right the next time so it could go either way. For a guy with Beau’s riding percentage it shouldn’t matter either way.


Chad Besplug vs. 707 Get Over It – According to the stats, Tuesday marks the third time these two have met. The first time it nearly cost Chad $100,000. If you remember back to the year he won it, all three men bucked off their first four round bull. Luckily for Chad, both Shane Proctor and Aaron Roy bucked off their bulls too so they got another chance. It turned out in his favor as he would win that next round and the big fancy check you can actually see inside the Ranchman’s Museum while you’re in town for Stampede.

Back to the match-up though, the third time is going to be the charm here, look to Besplug to win the long round. He’s fifth in the PBR Canada Standings right now and looking to get that title this year.


The following is the day one draw for the 16th Annual Ranchman’s Renegades Charity Bull Bustin’ on June 30th, 2015.

1 Cody Teece Tolga AUS Gumbo BCA 24 RB
2 Shane Peters Delburne, AB Blended BCA 291 R
3 Jordan Hansen Okotoks, AB Beer Belly BCA 266 R
4 Dylan Somerville Mantario, SK Bottoms Up BCA 715 L
5 Garrett Green Meeting Creek, AB Torkamata BCA 112 RB
6 Jesse Torkelson Warburg AB Weasel Flat BCA 299 R
7 Cody Nance Paris, TN Twisted Oilfield BCA 053 R
8 Shay Marks Sunny Brook, AB Ricky del Rio GRS 60 L
9 Tanner Girletz Cereal AB Painted Pretzel GRS 042 L
10 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB Pow Wow Echo GRS 11 R
11 Josh Birks Coonamble NSW, AUS Wonder Lust GRS 962 R
12 Jared Parsonage Maple Creek SK Vol Beat BGST 137 R
13 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB Plan B BGST 199 L
14 Dakota Louis Browning, MT Iron Maiden BGST 117 L
15 Mike Lee Decatur, TX Demon Speeding BGST 139 L
16 Tyler Harr Hazen, AR Kish U BGST 967 R
17 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB Renegade BGST 60 L
18 Rohan Markham Ravenshoe, Qld, AUS Kool Twist OBRC 076 R
19 Wacey Finkbeiner Ponoka, AB Pitch Dark OBRC 951 R
20 Tim Lipsett Lumsden SK Nugget OBRC 018 L
21 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK Cell Block C OBRC 913 L
22 Fabian Dueck Paraguay Smirk OBRC 829 R
23 Bryan Titman East Bernard, TX Cuckoo Kong GRS Y70 R
24 Beau Brooks Carstairs AB X Factor OBRC 734 L
25 Chad Besplug Claresholm, AB Get Over It OBRC 707 R



1 Kish Me BGST 919 R
2 Missing Link OBRC 813 L
3 It’s Time BGST 853 L
4 Moto Moto GRS 104 L
5 Kish This BGST 749 R
6 Freakzoid GRS 106 R
7 Donkey Fly BCA 9566 R
8 ZZ Top GRS 108 L
9 Murray Christmas BCA 02 L
10 Just a Crackin OBRC 09 L


Contractor codes

BCA – Armstrong/Big Chief
GRS – Girletz Rodeo Stock
BGST – Big Stone Rodeo
OBRC – Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp.



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