– The Numbers Don’t Lie

Calgary, AB: A big thank you has to go out today to Slade Long for keeping us all up to date on the PBR Canada’s Bull Stats in the past year. Our events are close to some of the quickest added thanks to Slade.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to add video to some of the stats as well. Now you can see a bull’s score and the exact trip that produced that score. Even which judges were at the event. You can even judge those very rides yourself to see how you stack up.

We’ve also got a feature for the PBR in Canada that shows the top ranked bulls with three trips in the past twelve months. You can see that current list here.


The top bull right now is Vold’s 22 Suck Back with an average mark of nearly 23 points in three outs.


Another Vold Bull in 400 VJV Slash is a close second but has eleven trips in the books.

Which bull do you think will be at the top of this list come November for the 2013 PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon October 18th and 19th?

You be the judge.



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