POLL: 2012 PBR Canada Highlight of the Year

Calgary, AB: What do you think is the ride of the year in the PBR Canada in 2012? I want to hear your thoughts going into the PBR Canadian National Finals coming up in just one month from tomorrow in Saskatoon, SK.

Since last year some people didn’t think some of the rides were in the right order, I figure you all should decide!

The options are below with their videos and descriptions. In my opinion it’s already decided on scores. What about the meaning though? Like Kyle Lozier winning $20,000 on Slash or Aaron Roy winning a truck and almost $10,000 in Lloydminster just a couple weeks ago.

It’s up to you this time. Leave a comment below with your version of the top five!

You can also vote for them on the Everything Cowboy page on Facebook after seeing the videos to see how the other rides are ranked.

These are your options:


Kyle Lozier taking WV400 Slash to the eight second whistle for a $20,000 bonus in Wanham, AB. This helped Kyle to make his way to the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series for the first time in his career and stay there for a number of events.


Devon Mezei riding the Calgary Stampede bull 637 Pawn Star for a 90 to win the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing Lethbridge PBR Canada Touring Pro Event back at the Enmax Center in March. This gave Devon the opportunity to compete in Detroit, MI at the PBR’s BFTS level and started off his season to set himself up for another PBR Canadian Finals Qualification. Devon will be getting married in less than two weeks too!


Stetson Lawrence riding the four year old black muley Two Bit Bucking Bull 861 Bucking Fantastic to win in Asquith, SK at the end of May. Bucking Fantastic will be making his way to Las Vegas, NV for the PBR World Finals at the end of this week for the first time in his young career.


Josh Birks winning the Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding in Stavely, AB in fine fashion on the Vold/Robinson bull 400 VJV Slash with a 92.5 point score. In my opinion this is the ride of the year hands down. What do you think?


Aaron Roy  started off the SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour in first place and finished first after seven events. Starting his year off was the win at the Clunie-Cooper Memorial in Prince Albert, SK on the Calgary Stampede bull Pawn Star for 91.5 points. The second highest marked ride in 2012.


Tanner Byrne rode the Eno/Kubinchak great, 341 Unabomber for a 90 point score to win the Kinsella Graveldome PBR Touring Pro Event. This gave Byrne the July BFTS Incentive win and the trip to Tulsa, OK!


To finish off this year’s rides of the year, your last option is Aaron Roy’s 90.5 ride on WV400 VJV Slash. Aaron won himself the SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour Truck here as well as the Lloydminster, SK event win and a $5,000 bonus for winning the most money on the 2012 3D Bullriding Tour. It proved to be quite the night for Aaron and his family. It’s the current leader on the Facebook poll after the first hour too.


What’s your pick? The top five will be posted before this year’s PBR Canadian National Finals in Saksatoon!




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  1. michelle jones

    Josh Birks winning the Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding in Stavely, AB in fine fashion on the Vold/Robinson bull 400 VJV Slash with a 92.5 point score. This is my pick for best ride.. =)

    1. Thanks for the vote Michelle! Josh is in front by a mile and will likely get the honors for ride of the year. I’m glad to see everyone who’s voted!
      If you had to pick a second place, which ride would it be?

  2. bianca birks

    Hi Ted,
    You obviously know my number one vote is Josh. 🙂 second best though I would vote for either Aaron Roy on Slash or Stetson Lawerence on Buckin Fantastic! Some pretty awesome bullrides for the season!

    1. Hi Bianca,
      I’m on your side with Josh to be number one! It was a huge ride. Aaron riding Slash did win him a brand new truck and almost $10,000 though. Haha ride wise it’s Josh, winnings wise it’s got to be Aaron because that was huge. Same with Kyle winning the $20,000 in Wanham. It’s been an awesome year. Thanks for your vote and second and third picks too!

      1. bianca birks

        i agree with you on the winnings side but I feel that’s a totally different award subject, not the best ride of 2012 award. if that makes sense ? 🙂 definitely some very memorable moments this season for a lot of cowboys! They are all great rides.

  3. Ken McGinnis

    Josh gets my vote and I hope to see some more classic Birks in Vegas next week. He got into the maturity and hopefully will get in on the classic.

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