North Dakota Takes Home the Money from Fort St. John

Fort St. John, BC: After a near sell-out on Saturday Night and a full house this afternoon it’s now known from near and far that the first ever Daryl Mills PBR Invitational was a huge success.

A few truckloads of great bulls and even more trucks with great bull riders made for some of the best bull riding watching you’ll see anywhere in the land. Now, the Daryl Mills PBR is here to stay.

Joe Braniff made the calls while Dean Phillips mixed the music as event winner Zac Peterson claimed the coveted Troy Fischer Trophy Buckle.

Peterson was the only man throughout the two days of competition to ride all three of his bulls. For the win, the Velva, ND cowboy rode the Armstrong bucker known as 634 Team Paige for an 89.


As it ended up, Zac actually double entered and ended up in the Championship Round on two different mounts. Rafter G’s 991 Moe Banger threw him off while getting himself one of the higher bull scores on the weekend.


This is what Zac had to say after the win.


Stetson Lawrence was the leader going into the finals. At the time due to a dual entry, he also sat in eighth place going in. On that entry, Stetson rode the Armstrong Bucking Bull 757 State Trooper for an event high 90.5 to win the Championship Round and take the lead, passing himself in the process.


In between that and the final ride, Lawrence was passed by Zac Peterson. Luckily Stetson had another shot to win it. Unfortunately he missed it by that much when he bucked off the Xtreme Bucking Bull 706 Butterfly Effect.


Stetson, also of North Dakota, finished the event in 2nd and 3rd place, which is nothing to shake a stick at. As it turns out, he won a total of $8,629.20 which was more than first place Zac’s $7,497.00.

Skeeter Kingsolver finished the event in fourth place overall. He rode Wild Hoggs’ 667 Little Joe for an 88 in Round Two this afternoon.


Budd Williamson won Round Two with an 89 on Vold’s 736 Slingblade this afternoon. Williamson tied fellow Australian Cliff Richardson for fifth place at the event.


Dusty Ephrom finished the event in seventh place. This was thanks to an 88 today on Armstrong’s Annette’s Pet. Ephrom has battled back after a heck of a tough past six months.


Scott Schiffner probably flew farther than anyone else this weekend. Shown here he gets hooked by Armstrong’s Reese’s Pieces.


Bullfighter Brett Monea made the save of the week in saving Jesse Torkelson from a beating from a mean Vold Bull called 22 Suck Back.


Event Results and total payout.

1. Zac Peterson, 244/3, $7,068.60; 2. Stetson Lawrence, 176/2, $5,385.60; 3. Stetson Lawrence, 167.5/2, $3,243.60; 4. Skeeter Kingsolver, 164.5/2, $3,304.80; 5. (tie) Budd Williamson and Cliff Richardson, 89/1, $3,121.20; 7. Dusty Ephrom, 88/1, $1,774.80; 8. Jesse Torkelson, 86.5/1, $2,019.60; 9. Zac Peterson, 85/1, $428.40; 10. Derek Creswell, 84.5/1, $1,132.30.

A final big thanks goes out to event organizers Terry McLeod, Ken Wagner and Daryl Mills for making the first ever Daryl Mills PBR Invitational the success it was. A huge thank you goes out to the fans, sponsors and volunteers along with everyone else who put their time into the event’s livelihood.

We are already looking forward to coming back in 2014!



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