Ehlers Wins in Asquith

Asquith,SK: North Dakota’s Josh Ehlers wins tonight’s FRP Manufacturing Aaron Roy Invitational in Asquith, SK. Ehlers went into the Championship Round leading the event in a tie with Ty Pozzobon at 84.5 points.

Ty Elliot led with 162 points on two bulls all the way through the Championship Round. He rode Scisson’s Rival Son for an 82.5 and none of the other riders stayed on up to the top two.


Eight men came down until Ehlers took the lead after riding Skori’s Smoke Ring for an 85. Which would one bull later mean the win.


This is what Josh had to say when he chatted with Dave Poulsen after the event.


Ty Pozzobon had a chance to win but came down too soon on the Hansen Bull, Helping Out. Pozzobon who’s own Invitational Bull Riding takes place in Merritt, BC on Saturday still finished the event in third place.


Ty Tescher rounded out the top four with his 82.5 point score on the Skori Bull E.W.’s Bonness.


A huge thank you goes out to Lori Eno for keeping us updated all evening from Asquith during the bull riding!

Unofficial Results

1. Josh Ehlers, 169.5/2, $3,718.75; 2. Ty Elliot, 162/2, 2,125.00; 3. Ty Pozzobon, 84.5/1, $2,018.75; 4. Ty Tescher, 82.5/1, 1,275.00; 5. (tie) Tanner Byrne and Dusty Ephrom, 81.5, $531.25 each; 7. Jesse Torkelson, 81, $255.00; 8. JC Curley, 80.5, $170.00; 9. Tyler Pankewitz, 80, 10. Zac Peterson, 79.5.


Stop five of the 2013 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour takes place in Wanham, AB on June 14th and 15h. Last year, Kyle Lozier won $20,000 on a bounty ride against Vold’s 400 VJV Slash. Who will it be this year?



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