PBR Canadian National Finals Night #1

Saskatoon, SK: So there isn’t anything yet on the PBR Canana website from the finals tonight and neither is there any video. They haven’t even released anything at all today on their Twitter page or their website. No videos to be seen anywhere either so I figured I would help out as best I can from Alberta right now. At least ten hours from Saskatoon.

Round One Unofficial Results: (Video to come hopefully)

  1. Aaron Roy 89 points. Rumble Seat – Sawyer
  2. Luke Snyder 87.5 points. Gingas Kong – Skori
  3. Jared Farley 87 points. Bush Hog – Girletz
  4. Harve Stewart 85 points. Edgar – Calgary Stampede
  5. Dusty Ephrom 83.5 points. Jackson James – Braithwaite
  6. Jesse Torkelson 81.5 points. Livin’ the High life – Flying High

Boulet Boots Ride Off

Luke Snyder bucks off #400 Slash – Vold Rodeo

Aaron Roy 91 points on 341 Unambomber – Eno/Kubinchack

Check back later tonight or tomorrow for video and tomorrows results and the 2011 Canadian PBR Champion.



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    […] O site oficial da PBR Canadá ainda não divulgou, mas, meu amigo e parceiro ”Ted” Stovin está lá e já publicou os resultados em seu site Everything Cowboy. Aaron Roy fez a melhor da noite 89 pontos. CONFIRA RESULTADO COMPLETO. […]

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