Roy Wins Third Canadian Title, Pozzobon Wins PBR Canadian Finals

Saskatoon, SK: From Night Two of the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon, SK at the Credit Union Center.

Stetson Lawrence started things off right with a big effort and some foot work o the Vold Bull Big Valley Black.


Scott Schiffner got on the board early with an 86 on Vold’s Little Bit of Sugar.


Josh Birks spurred yet another left hand spinner for an 85 point score.


Tanner Girletz got his second score on the board with an 84 on Josh and Tammy Berezay’s Danger Ranger.


About exactly as I predicted, Beau Hill rode Everything Cowboy to get him back. 85 points was the result.


Tanner Byrne spurred his way to an 86.5 point score on the Calgary Stampede bull Grey Water.


Nathan Schaper gritted out a qualified ride on James Morton’s Iron Man.


Last night’s winner, Brant Atwood took himself into the Championship Round in the lead with an 85.5 on the R Saga Ranch Bull Abu.


Chad Besplug got some revenge on the Calgary bull that knocked out Ty Pozzobon last week in Edmonton, Bull Durham.


As a re-ride, Douglas Duncan took on the Wild Hoggs and Corey Chmelnyk Bull Morning Breath.


Ty Pozzobon was matched up with the Stock Contractor of the Year, Vold Rodeo’s black brockle faced spinner, Kin Deadly.


Round Two

  1. Stetson Lawrence 87 on WV 407 Big Valley Black. $3,570.00
  2. (2/3/4/5 Tie) Ty Pozzobon 86.5 on WV 500 Kin Deadly. $1,338.75
  3. (2/3/4/5 Tie) Tanner Byrne 86.5 on CS 894 Grey Water. $1,338.75
  4. (2/3/4/5 Tie) Chad Besplug 86.5 on CS 455 Bull Durham. $1,338.75
  5. (2/3/4/5 Tie) Douglas Duncan 86.5 on HOGS 818 Morning Breath. $1,338.75
  6. Scott Schiffner 86 on WV 533 Little Bit of Sugar.
  7. (7/8/9 Tie) Aaron Roy 85.5 on HOGS 667 Little Joe.
  8. (7/8/9 Tie) Brant Atwood 85.5 on RSGA 74 Abu.
  9. (7/8/9 Tie) Beau Hill 85.5 on CS 868 Everything Cowboy.
  10. Nathan Schaper 85 on KM 50 Iron Man.
  11. (11/12 Tie) Kody Lostroh 84.5 on ISBB 41 In It For The Money.
  12. (11/12 Tie) Josh Birks 84.5 on WV 866 All Wrapped Up.


Championship Round


Stetson Lawrence started things off in the Championship Round with an 85 on Girletz’s Crack Back Jack.Short Go


The new Dad, Ty Elliot, took on Calgary’s Pawn Star.


Sevi Torturo got a score on the board by covering the Girletz Bull Forget Me Not, the same bull that Brant Atwood won last night’s round on.


Tyler Pankewitz drove a long ways to math up with a bull from his current hometown. It’s one you’ve probably heard of before too, Vold’s VJV Slash.


Tanner Girletz kind of snuck in all weekend and got himself solid in the average with three scores. His third came with an 86 this evening on Calgary’s Bombs Away.


Timmy Vaughn of Kansas took on the Girletz World Finalist Bull First Nation Sensation


Beau Hill moved himself up in the average with a solid ride on the Lazy R Bull Boot Strap Bill.


Josh Birks got himself an 88.5 on the Bull of the Year, Jackson James.


Tanner Byrne took on the Two Bit star, Bucking Fantastic.


Aaron Roy took on Foul Play for a shot at winning the Finals and the Canadian Championship.


Ty Pozzobon made an outstanding ride on the Prescott Bull True Blood.


Championship Round Results

  1. Josh Birks 88.5 on B2 581 Jackson James
  2. (2/3 Tie) Ty Pozzobon 87.5 on PB U1 True Blood
  3. (2/3 Tie) Beau Hill 87.5 on LZYR 605 Boot Strap Bill
  4. Sevi Torturo 87 on GRS 63 Forget Me Not
  5. Tanner Girletz 86.5 on CS 613 Bombs Away
  6. Stetson Lawrence 85.5 on GRS 803 Crack Back Jack
  7. Douglas Duncan 83.5 on 4C 87 High Five
  8. Nathan Schaper 82 on HOGS 747 South of Heaven

Average Payout

  1. Ty Pozzobon, 260.5. $13,744.50
  2. (2/3 Tie) Douglas Duncan, 256.5. $7,497.00
  3. (2/3 Tie) Josh Birks, 256.5. $7,497.00
  4. Beau Hill, 255. $3,748.50
  5. Tanner Girletz, 249.5. $2,915.00
  6. Sevi Torturo, 245.5. $2,082.50
  7. Nathan Schaper, 226. $1,666.00
  8. Brant Atwood, 174. $1,249.50
  9. Stetson Lawrence, 172.5. $833.00
  10. Aaron Roy, 171.5. $416.50

This is what Ty Pozzobon had to say after winning the event.


At the end, Aaron Roy and I caught up to talk about him winning his Third Canadian Championship.


Coming to you from the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon, SK for Everything Cowboy and Two Bit Bucking Bulls, I’m Ted Stovin.




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