Paradise Valley win for Byrne

PARADISE VALLEY, Alberta — Canada’s current top athlete on bull ridings biggest stage, Tanner Byrne, won on one of the smaller stages on Friday night southeast of Lloydminster.

Byrne 40-percented the event winning both the first and second rounds just as I called in What’s That Bull a couple days before. Too bad there wasn’t a calcutta before. As my Dad would say on this Father’s Day though, “Coulda, shoulda, woulda doesn’t cut it and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

Either way, for a $5,000 added bull riding, one of the smaller added money events in our game, Byrne still made off with over $2,200 and 20 points towards the PBR’s world title race. A race which the Prince Albert man sits 19th in currently.

Paradise Valley featured two full rounds of competition and Tanner won them both. Round one was an 82.5 on Get This from the Wild Hoggs. Round two brought the highest score of the event with an 85 on Freakazoid from Girletz Rodeo Stock.

Second place on the evening went to Australian Bull Rider Josh Birks with his 157 points on two bulls. Birks’ 15 points move him up a couple more spots inside the top 70. Landon Lockhart and Wacey Finkbeiner rounded out the point earners with 10 and five respectively.

Watch the event’s highlights in the playlist below.


Official results from the Paradise Valley, AB Bull-A-Rama on June 19th, 2015. 

Round one: 1. Tanner Byrne on Wild Hoggs’ 079 Get This, $362.10; 2. Josh Birks, 81.5, $271.58; 3. Ty Pozzobon, 79, $181.05; 4. Justin Lloyd, 78, $90.53; Landon Lockhart, 75; no other qualified rides.

Round two: 1. Tanner Byrne on Girletz Rodeo Stock’s 106 Freakazoid, 85 points, $362.10; 2. Wacey Finkbeiner, 81.5, $271.58; 3. Zane Lambert and Landon Lockhart, 81, $135.79 each; 5. Beau Brooks, 80.5; 6. Josh Birks, 75.5; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and total money won: 1. Tanner Byrne, 167.5 points on two bulls, $2,202.76; 2. Josh Birks, 157, $1,327.70; 3. Landon Lockhart, 156, $769.47; 4. Wacey Finkbeiner, 81.5 points on one bull, $694.03; 5. Zane Lambert, 81, $389.25; 6. Beau Brooks, 80.5, $168.98; 7. Ty Pozzobon, 79, $307.79; 8. Justin Lloyd, 78, $175.02.



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