What’s That Bull with Tanner Girletz for the Paradise Valley PBR

PARADISE VALLEY, Alberta — Tonight’s Paradise Valley Bull-A-Rama, sanctioned by the PBR in Canada is the second event this week in the Lloydminster area. Nearly all of the same riders from last night’s Wade Redden PBR Challenge in Hillmond are in the draw again this evening.

$5,000 in added money is up for grabs starting at 7:00pm. Get yourself out to the bull riding tonight as it’s always a good show! If that doesn’t geographically work for you then stay tuned for Gina Flewelling’s first bull riding recap on Everything Cowboy.

Until then, we have a guest bull pen writer today in Canadian Champion Bull Rider and Stock Contractor, Tanner Girletz.

Here are Tanner’s picks and thoughts on tonight’s long round.


Jason Malone vs Idiot Proof – This big black brockle face bull recently purchased from S&E Bucking Bulls has been great for us.  He should be right in the door to the left.  Look for the round win here as Jason rides really well and even better into his hand.  I am guessing 87 points here.


Shay Marks vs Jiminy Hou – This black bull has been around for a while now. Sawyer has a rep of bringing the hard to ride ones and this ones a little different. He has days where he is miserable to ride but for the most part he is a pretty nice bull. Look for Shay after a great ride last night to ride this black bull for a 82-85 points should fit the litte man just right.


Old Timer vs Rockaholic – It’s been an on-going joke between me and Scott Schiffner that I call him Old Timer and he calls me kid. The same way he and my Dad, Kevin are. Today, Old timer has a bull called Rockaholic from Wild Hoggs. I have seen this bull a handful of times and he looks like one you can win on but you’re going to have to work at it. He should be out of the left hand delivery and around to the right but out through there a few jumps first. If anyone can handle it, Captain Canada can. Look for an 85 here and Scott getting another one in the short round.


Armando Davila vs Blue Print – This bull is a young bull from us that I am really high on. He should be around to the left but has went right. Armando is a good young talent and this will be a test for him.  If he rides him look for the round win. If not look for a great bull score. He spins into Armandos hand so it could be a great score.

Scott Schiffner took on Blue Print in Marwayne earlier this year.


Cody Coverchuk vs Hail Storm – This is one of my favourite young bulls of Nansen Vold’s. He should be around to the right and really looks cool to ride. Cody just had a great night last night and this could also be a great score. Look for Cody to come back for another one and gain more points in this years PBR Canada standings.


Draw for the long go of the Paradise Valley, AB PBR on June 20th, 2014.

1 Jason Malone San Antonio, TX 831 Idiot Proof L Girletz
2 Buffer 62 Freckles L Girletz
3 Armando Davila Rodriguez Saltillo Coah Mex 68 Blue Print R Girletz
4 Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo Mexico 966 Hell’s Coming With Me R Girletz
5 Taran Chirgwin Calliope Qld O88 El Hombre L High
6 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB X03 Canadian Hurricane L High
7 Buffer O66 Shots Fired R High
8 Buffer O45 Uncle Bad Touch R High
9 Josh Birks Coonamble NSW O1 Edge Of Glory L Sawyer
10 Buffer 369 Night Time Nine L Sawyer
11 Billy West Cadogan, AB O14 Man Dime R Sawyer
12 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 914 Barry Minor R Sawyer
13 Jonathon Couling Singleton, NSW 340 American Hustle L Sawyer
14 Wyatt Gleeson Sundre, AB O80 UR So Vain R Sawyer
15 Shay Marks Sunny Brook, AB 777 Jiminy Hou R Sawyer
16 Michael Ostashek Two Hills AB O46 Lighten Up L Hoggs
17 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB O66 Rockaholic L Hoggs
18 Todd Chotowetz Major, SK O71 Wizzbang R Hoggs
19 Dakota Louis Browning, MT OO7 Sleep Tight L Vold
20 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK X11 Blue Rare L Vold
21 Ian Desmond Molan Cork, Ireland X8 Ninja Boot R Vold
22 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK OO3 Hail Storm L Vold
23 Buffer 180 Whiskey Throttle L Eno
24 Matt O’Flynn Quesnel, BC 903 Body Twist R Eno
25 Buffer 890 Home Boy L Eno
26 Preston Louis Browning , MT L10 Jim Tom L Skori
27 Adam Jamison New Zealand L5 Mouse L Skori
28 Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 818 Bob Marly R Skori
29 Miles Pennington Stettler, AB L6 Jaw Breaker L Skori
30 Buffer 9 Roy Boy L Skori


Short Round
Low OO8 Heavans Basement R Vold
V29 Finkles Dog L Girletz
O63 Kickin Ass R Hoggs
O44 Thunder Head R High
866 Bucket List R Sawyer
O819 Miniom Stuart R Skori
803 Crack Back Jack R Girletz
High 913 Ruckus Justice L Eno



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