Pankewitz Wins Brahma Rama For Second Time in Career

Elnora, AB: As the only man to conquer both his bulls, Tyler Pankewitz of Ponoka, AB wins the 14th Annual Elnora Brahma Rama and picks up over $3,300 in prize money, an Olson Silver Trophy Buckle along with a Trophy Knife. August 11th, 2012.

Due to the number of entries, the event was made into a two head average. Each guy gets on twice and the highest score on two will win the event, the same as any other one with a long go and short go.

After all 13 of the bull riders were auctioned off in the calcutta, Round One began.

With the set of bulls brought together for the night’s event by Lorne High, you don’t expect many qualified rides. It too a few before Montana’s Matt Triplett made the first ride of the evening on the Two Bit Bull Drunk Talk.


Denton Edge came next and nearly got the second score of the night on the board on the new Vold Bull, Cold and Empty.


Tyler Pankewitz attemped Sawyer’s Remington Country as the fourth man out. Since that bull is a bit wild in the chute, and hipped himself, Pank was given a re-ride. Burnt Rubber was what he faced next for the round one win.


Round Two

Dragon’s Den of Darin Eno’s didn’t have quite the same tracks he did with Aaron Roy on Thursday in Eatonia for Zane in the first round. There went that pick. To start off round two he took on one we thought he would ride and be a bunch of points on, Vold’s South Side Fade raised by Ty Prescott.


Darryl Thiessen making a quick save of Zac Peterson on the Two Bit bucker, Monkey Bones. It’s too bad that this bull left Zac when he went the other way because it was looking great off the bat just as Brett Gardiner’s Co-Announcing partner, LaRue Olson said.


Once Denton Edge knew more about the bull he drew in Two Bits’ About to Blow he was excited for the match up and looking for a score after being thrown off in the first round.


Since all of my picks up to this point had been completely wrong, things weren’t looking good. Until Tyler Pankewitz came across Uncle Buck. Nansen Vold and I had him picked to win the round and that’s exactly what he did with this one. Once he rode this one, he led the event with 169 points on two head. There was really only one man left that could overtake him for the event win. It just so happened it was the same guy he was battling out the Built Ford Tough Series Incentive with and he went next.


Matt Triplett nearly had his plane ticket bought to San Antonio after the first round, that was until Tyler went and past him. To ensure his spot he needed to ride the bull of the night, 867 Bringing Sexy Back, now owned officially as of last night by Josh and Tammy Berezay of Two Bit Bucking Bulls. Bringing Sexy back is a four year old that Josh & Tammy plan to take to the Wild Card of the PBR World Finals. Look for them to do well there with this Flying High Rodeo Company raised bull.


The bull power on the evening was high. It’ll be interesting to see the numbers once we get the score cards in an onto Ras Evarts was a late entry, his brother Riley was there last night as well. A lot of us hadn’t seen him in a long time so it was great to see him out there pulling a bunch of ropes and helping out. Unfortunately though Riley’s help did get Ras the whistle on Flying High’s 897 Cajun Shaker.


Stetson Lawrence took on another great Flying High bull, this is the one they call 946 Hippy Freak that’s only three years old at this time. 946 has a bright looking future!


Even though Tyler Pankewitz didn’t quite win enough money over the past three nights to earn himself a spot in San Antonio this coming weekend, his feelings weren’t hurt about it at all. He’s been there and with would rather be with his family. See more of what he said in this interview.


Unofficial Results and Payout courtesy of secretary and timer, Brenda Vold.

Round One

  1. Tyler Pankewitz 84 on WV634 Burnt Rubber $576.30
  2. Matt Triplett 81.5 $432.23
  3. Reid Lozier 71.5 $288.15


Round Two

  1. (Tie) Kyle Lozier 85 on EKBB341 Unabomber $504.26
  2. (Tie) Tyler Pankewitz 85 on WV803 Uncle Buck $504.26



  1. Tyler Pankewitz 169/2, $2,353.23
  2. Kyle Lozier 85/1, $1,680.88
  3. Matt Triplett 81.5/1, $1,008.53
  4. Reid Lozier 71.5/1, $672.35
Total Money Won (+ Ground Money)
  1. Tyler Pankewitz $3,433.79 (+ $516.25 Ground Money)
  2. Kyle Lozier $2,185.14  (+ $468.23)
  3. Matt Triplett $1,440.76 (+ $300.14)
  4. Reid Lozier $960.50 (+ $300.14)
Unofficial Final August BFTS Incentive Standings

  1. Matt Triplett $6,289.56
  2. Tyler Pankewitz $4,977.22
  3. Kyle Lozier $3,265.04

Unofficially, Matt Triplett is awarded the spot at the San Antonio, TX PBR BFTS Event this coming weekend.

Thanks to Lorne and Kelly high, their family, friends the sponsors and everyone else for making the 14th edition of the Elnora Brahma Rama another great success. We look forward to it being even bigger and better next year!



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