Ted’s Picks – North Battleford, SK

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan — This is the first time this event moves inside and it’s sure to be another great one. Corey Chmelnyk and his family along with 3D Bull Riding put together a great show.

There’s going to be steer riding to help develop the future stars of the sport too. Tickets available at Austin’s Saddlery or Sobey’s in North Battleford starting at $25 for adults, $15 for students with five and under free. It all gets started at 6:30pm at the North Battleford Civic Centre.

Here are a few of my picks for Thursday’s first round of competition.

Zane Lambert vs. 147 Still Water – Zane is on a roll and has drawn deep in the Two Bit pen in North Battleford. Based on the numbers Still Water has only been ridden once. I want to see Zane ride this bull though and I know he can do it. If all goes well this one could be in the 90’s.

Wacey Finkbeiner vs. 957 Hand Burner – In the middle of a career year, Wacey can keep things going and has a bull he could win the first round on if everything goes his way. Hand Burner has been around for a long time and is a big brindle horned bull from the Battle River Rodeo Co. There have been some high scores before, look for at least an 85 on Thursday.

Tyler Pankewitz vs. 822 Indian Turtle – According to the stats, these two met up at the first North Battleford PBR in 2014. That one went to the bull but I am pretty sure these two have met up a different time where Pank won. Either way, this time I’m going with helmet.

Scott Schiffner vs. 1954 Rolling Coal – Based on the recorded outs, this black horned Skori bull hasn’t been ridden yet in 2016. The first out on the year was a buck off against Schiffner in Red Deer also. Scores on Rolling Coal have ranged from 83.5 to 87.5 and Mr. Schiffner should be anywhere in there.

The following is the draw for the third annual Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic presented by McDonald’s on Thursday July 28th inside the North Battleford Civic Centre.

# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Tim Lipsett Herf 2BIT 19 R
2 Justin Lloyd [1] Fantastic Genes 2BIT 328 L
3 Kale Marks Pain Killer 2BIT 292 R
4 Zane Lambert Still Water 2BIT 147 R
5 Devon Mezei Payment in Blood BATR 921 L
6 Wacey Finkbeiner Hand Burner BATR 957 R
7 Ty Pozzobon [1] Dozer 2BIT 313 R
8 Brock Radford Dirty Grandpa VR/P 1144 L
9 JC Curley Feeling Blue VOL 805 L
10 Fabian Dueck Overcooked VR/P 108 R
11 Ty Pozzobon [2] Marvin F4BB 040 R
12 Tyler Pankewitz Indian Turtle VOL 822 L
13 Will Purcell Nitro CSBB 3 L
14 Josh Birks Finning Regulator F4BB 123 L
15 Wyatt Laughlin Finning Guitar Town F4BB 013 R
16 Kyle Brown No Price CSBB 5 L
17 Justin Lloyd [2] Monkey Nuts SKRI 193 L
18 Taran Chirgwin West Wind CSBB 71 R
19 Scott Schiffner Rolling Coal SKRI 1954 L
20 Dakota Buttar Big Shot SKRI 216 L
21 Logan Biever Desperate Measures HOGS 281 R
22 Tanner Girletz Double Down SKRI 114 R
23 Cody Coverchuk Stay Alert HOGS 203 R
24 Garrett Green Stay Smart HOGS 259 L
25 Jackson Scott Mystery Soldier WHBK 099 L
26 Cole Young Missing Vibrations HOGS 100 R
27 Jordan Carlier Arnie HOGS 234 L


# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
28 Jersey Dip VR/P 221 R
29 Johnny Ringo VR/P 105 L
30 Barely Legal CSBB 75 L
31 Snap Trapper HOGS 122 L
32 Open Season HOGS 193 R
33 Liquid Fire HOGS 005 R
34 Minion Stewart SKRI 0819 R
35 Finning Titanic F4BB 14 R
36 Snake Eyes BATR 901 L
37 Blue by U 2BIT 164 L



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