Ted’s Picks – Moose Jaw, SK PBR – Night One

It’s been a minute since I’ve done any picks here and I had to see if I’ve still got it after seeing Covy and Dustin hit less than .500 in past weeks.

I’m sure looking forward to PBR Moose Jaw and have been now for quite some time. Last week on the way to Grassy Butte, ND I stopped in at Mosaic Place to check things out.

For you fans, I think there aren’t many better venues than Mosaic for bull riding, I think you’re going to love it. For you bull riders, I think you’re going to like the energy in this building. I look forward to seeing you all there both Friday and Saturday night.

What are we betting on this weekend Covy?

Dakota Buttar vs. FHRC X202 I’m a Thug – This is as close to a wildcard pick as I’m going to get since this bull doesn’t get rode much. So far according to the stats he’s been covered twice in nine attempts. The top score so far belongs to Brady Oleson who took I’m a Thug to an 85.5 last fall at the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon. My money as it always would be is on Dakota. Look for at least 85 on Friday night.

Riley Blankenship vs. HOGS 193 Open Season – I’ve seen a lot of this bull on video in the past year and he’s looked great. Last year he got a lot of air time and usually came around to the right. On tape I’ve only seen him switch it up and go to the left once, after starting to the right. Tim Lipsett became the first guy to ride Open Season the other day in Prince Albert. The two matched up for an 87 there and I think Blankenship is going to do something similar with this Wild Hoggs Bull.

Josh Birks vs. OBRC 911 2 Dark 2 C – These two have matched up before and I know Josh likes how it went that time. A whopping 91 points was the score in Fort St. John, BC at the Daryl Mills Invitational in 2014. My bet here is simple, Josh is going to get a score and it’s going to get him back to the finals on the first night.

Chandler Bownds vs. VR/P 36 Smoke Show – This could be huge. Smoke Show has been looking strong this year, most recently I saw him make short work of Dakota Buttar by getting him in the well in Nipawin the second Friday in May. Chandler is one of the top bull riders anywhere, now a part of the ERA Tour and a member of the Crown Royal Riders. I haven’t seen or heard of him compete in the PBR much before but I see this ride likely getting him a round one win at a minimum of 87 points.


The following is the day one for the Moose Jaw PBR on May 30th, 2016. Tickets can be purchased for the event at this link.

Rider Number Bull Del
1 Brady Oleson X6R 125 Prin Daddy L
2 Zac Peterson X6R 126 One Eyed Jack L
3 Lonnie West FHRC X232 I’m a Hustler R
4 Cody Coverchuk FHRC +219 Blue Stone R
5 Dakota Buttar FHRC X202 I’m a Thug R
6 Logan Biever X6R 114 Ping L
7 Ty Tescher X6R X-223 Pittbull L
8 Shay Marks X6R 7-304 Yellow Moon R
9 Tim Lipsett F4BB 14 Finning Titanic R
10 Casey Berg F4BB 040 Finning Marvin R
11 Nathan Schaper F4BB 123 Finning Regulator L
12 Chase Outlaw F4BB 204 Finning Rat Trap L
13 Bryce West HOGS 13 Whiplash L
14 Riley Blankenship HOGS 193 Open Season R
15 Brock Radford HOGS 295 Myth Boy R
16 Todd Chotowetz BCBB 263 Black Betty L
17 Cody Casper BCBB 266 Beer Belly L
18 Garrett Green BCBB 265 Pudge R
19 Cawl Braithwaite BCBB 062 Sandy Bar Shaker R
20 Dakota Louis BCBB 22 Dan the man R
21 Justin Lloyd OBRC 162 Ripplin Water L
22 Kale Marks OBRC 022 Mr. Sunshine L
23 Jordan Carlier OBRC 805 Memphis L
24 Lane Cork OBRC 131 Sweat and Regret R
25 Tanner Girletz VR/P 020 Crooked Nose R
26 Josh Birks OBRC 911 2 Dark to C L
27 Coleman Entze VR/P 135 Cage Crawler L
28 Wacey Finkbeiner VR/P 102 Hitting Heavy R
29 Chandler Bownds VR/P 36 Smoke Show R
30 Aaron Roy VR/P 0730 Grind the Crack R


1 FHRC+220 Twenty to Life L
2 HOGS 005 Liquid Fire R
3 VR/P 008 Heavens Basement R
4 BCBB 262 Mad Trapper L
5 VR/P 100 VJV Nailed R
6 OBRC 281 Red Mile L
7 F4BB 111 Finning Bee Bop L
8 HOGS 166 King Pin R
9 X6BB 7-213 Jesus N Bocephus R
10 OBRC T01 No Good Deed L




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