Lloyd to be Released From Hospital Today

Edmonton, AB: Friday night in Marwayne, AB at the Professional Bull Riders event at the Marwayne Arena, Justin Lloyd was stepped on during the dismount of his short round bull ride.

I previously reported that he was alright after the event. What I learned in the last 24 hours was that Justin really wasn’t as alright as we first thought. It turned out that the Thompson Bull by the name of Off the Cuff hit Justin hard enough to lacerate his liver, break two of his ribs and fracture four of his vertebrae.

Justin called me this morning from the University of Alberta Hospital to let me know about exactly what happened and that he was going to be released today. The night of the event he went to the Vermillion Hospital for an initial examination of chest and abdominal X-Ray along with blood work. The next morning he went back again for more blood work and was cleared but told if things got worse to get back in to the doctor.

“I knew it was supposed to hurt after what they said happened but it hurt too much so I went to the Sturgeon Hospital on Monday in St. Albert.” Lloyd said this morning.

“When I was there they did a CT Scan and an ultrasound of my chest and abdomen. That’s when they found out what all was wrong.” He added.

“I didn’t even know my ribs were broke because my liver hurt so bad.”

According to Doctors Justin will be out of competition for three to six months. However after about a month he will be able to get back in the gym to keep fit.

What’s unfortunate about the accident is that it came at a very wrong time. When the eight second buzzer rang, Lloyd had   just set himself up to finish very well in Marwayne. With a two ride total of 166 points on two head, he finished in fourth place to pick up a check for just under $1,100. It was the start of what could have been a very great year for the 24 year old bull rider.

“It’s part of the ups and downs of it. It’s not going to stop me.” Lloyd finished.

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