Lashburn, SK: In the second time in as many events, Jesse Torkelson is the champion of a SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour event. Tonight from Lashburn it was the 10th Annual Brad Phipps Memorial PBR.

An 88.5 point effort on the Two Bit Bucking Bull Superstar, Bucking Fantastic was more than enough for the win for Torkelson.

After winning the event, Brett Gardiner caught up with Jesse to share his thoughts on the win.

Up and coming bull, First Buckle helped North Dakota’s Zac Peterson into second place on the evening with his 88 in the Short Go. Zac was 76 in the Long Go and was brought in after Cody Coverchuk took himself out of the finals.

Tanner Byrne and Zac Peterson, on his second entry, tied for the long go win. Neither covered their short round bull on these entries but still finished the event in a tie for third.

Tanner Byrne’s 85 on Helping Out.

Zac Peterson’s 85 on Flying Four’s Bo Chill

From First to Sixth was actually won by only three guys that were double entered. Rounding out the top five was Tanner Byrne with his 84.5, while Jesse Torkelson was in again at sixth with an 83.5.

Zac Peterson got in a bit of a mess with Vold’s Rusty Nails in the Short Go.

Unofficial results from the Brad Phipps Memorial PBR. August 9th, 2013. Thanks to Lori Eno for these.

Long Go: 1. (tie) Tanner Byrne and Zac Peterson, 85; 3. Tanner Byrne, 84.5; 4. Jesse Torkelson, 83; 5. (tie) Cody Coverchuck and Logan Kadlec, 82.5; 7. Zane Lambert, 82; 8. (tie) Matt Triplett and Jesse Torkelson and Adam Jamison, 80.5.

Short Go Results: 1. Jesse Torkelson on Two Bit’s 861 Bucking Fantastic, 88.5 points; 2. Zac Peterson, 88.

Average: 1. Jesse Torkelson, 169 on two head, $2,665.60; 2. Zac Peterson, 162/2 $1,904.00; 3. (tie) Tanner Byrne and Zac Peterson, 85 on one head$2,094.40; 5. Tanner Byrne, 84.5/1, 1,109.76; 6. Jesse Torkelson, 83.5/1 $631.04; 7. (tie) Cody Coverchuk and Logan Kadlec, 82.5/1, $126.93.

Thank you to Taylor Eno for filming both Eatonia and Lashburn for us here on Everything Cowboy.

This concludes stop number nine of the 2013 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour. The tenth and final stop before the finals is just under two months away on October 5th in Lloydminster, SK.

That brand new Ford F-150 will be given away to the man who places highest at the PBR Canadian National Finals in Saskatoon, SK on October 18th and 19th.




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