In the Bull Pen with Ted Stovin – Stavely, AB Sept 1st, 2012

Stavely, AB: The Glen Keeley Memorial Bull Riding is one that every Canadian Bull Rider of all time wants to be a champion of. It’s the most prestigious event we have here for arguably the best bull rider to ever come from Canada taken far too soon.

For years now, the committee putting on the event has been awarded with the PBR Canada event of the year for the best bull riding we go to all year.

These are a few of the match-ups I like for the Long Go on Saturday. It’s sure to be another exciting edition of the Glen Keeley Memorial. It all starts at 7:00pm. We will see you there.

Josh Birks vs. RGCC60 Black Label – Josh has started coming to the PBR events in the past six weeks and has been doing some winning. He had a very successful spring in other associations and is continuing that on. Black Label of Nate Gardner’s is a solid black bull that Josh will get along with well for a mid 80 point score.

Tanner Girletz rode Black Label for an 81.5 in Wanham, AB in June.


Jesse Torkelson vs. PBU1 True Blood – Jesse hasn’t had quite the best year this year but he wouldn’t ever miss this event. Tork has got a bull he could really win the long go on here too in True Blood. This bull has been awesome so far this year and keeps getting better. I bet once they ride him they are in the high 80’s. Jesse has done it time and time before and could very well do it again here. This could be the match-up of the night.

True Blood threw off Cody Coverchuk the other day in Lashburn, SK.


Zane Lambert vs. EKBB822 TJ – TJ has been a great up and comer here the last few weeks. He’s been putting up some big bull scores too and throwing of some high caliber riders. Zane Lambert is one of those high caliber guys that’s yet to attempt TJ. This could be a huge score for the long go. I bet Zane gets it done.

TJ up against Brendon Clark in Coronation, AB about two weeks ago.


Zac Peterson vs. TB703 About to Blow – Josh and Tammy Berezay have got a good one in About to Blow. 703 is a white horned bull that’ll turn back to the left right in the gate every time. There haven’t been many guys to go the distance on this one but Zac can do it. This could be yet another big long go score anywhere from 86 to 89 points. It’ll be a great one to watch.

Denton Edge took on About to Blow in Elnora the other day but it didn’t pan out for him how he would have liked it to.


HOGS851 Back on Track Double Down – This red horned bull has been ridden for some decent scores this month so far. Jordan Hansen took him for an 85.5 to win second in Lashburn and Brendon Clark won Langham on him eight days later with an 86.5. The guy who wins the event will have the shot at this bull. My bet is on the rider here to pick themselves up a big bonus check. It’ll be tough since it’ll be a minimum of three bulls for the day but I’m still going with the rider here on the Wild Hoggs Bull Back on Track Double Down. Either way it’s a win-win situation and great to watch.

Chad Besplug nearly made the whistle on Double Down back in Wanham in June.



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