In The Bull Pen with Ted Stovin – Kinsella, AB July 11th, 2012

Kinsella, AB: This is the draw for the 14th Annual Kinsella Graveldome PBR Canada Touring Pro Event tomorrow night at the Kinsella Sports Grounds.

Ty Patten on EKBB 866 Bucket List – This has been a real solid bull for a good while now. He gets ridden a good amount of the time for some decent scores too. Ty has been winning money this year as well and riding good. He’s quite a ways down in the PBR Canada Standings so look for him to be making moves and winning money here in the second half of the season. After wining himself a little over $2,200 on Friday in Edgerton after a re-entry too he will be looking for a win to pass Tanner Byrne and win the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series Incentive for the Tulsa, OK Event. Ty should be about  82-85 points on this bull and come back in good shape for the short round.

Tyler Pankweitz 84.5 on EKBB 866 Bucket List back in Edmonton in February.


Wacey Finkbeiner on FHRC 747 Jett – Wacey should ride this bull even though he likes bulls into his hand better. Jett is a nice bull that comes from Lorne and Kelly High out of Elnora. Jett is a rider friendly bull that most guys ride. Shoot even I rode him last year in Arrowwood even though my foot may have been lodged in my rope for the last few seconds. Chances are, Wacey will have his chin up but manage to keep his elbow down on this one for an 83 or 84 point score to get him back to the short go like Ty.

Josh Birks 85 on FHRC Jett in Coutts, AB three weeks ago for the win.


Kyle Lozier on HOGGS 511 Hillbilly Deluxe – Kyle has been riding great this year. He led the CPRA Standings for a good part of the spring and won the $20,000 bonus a few weeks ago on Slash in Wanham. Hillbilly Deluxe has been around for a few years now and has been well liked. This black, white faced muley will turn back to the right, in the gate, but might jump out of it. I bet Kyle makes another solid 80 something point ride on this one just like Chad Besplug did here in Prince Albert back in April.


Tanner Byrne on HOGGS 667 Little Joe – Tanner is in the driver seat right now to get himself to the BFTS in Tulsa next month. He’s leading the standings right now and should stay in front. Ty Elliot is really close in second but I think with the bull Tanner has got here he should be fine. He’s got to stay ahead of Ty to get the call. It would sure be great to see him make his BFTS debut in August. Little Joe is a bull Tanner has been matched up with before too. I bet he rides this one and is about 85 points. He might even win the Long Go.

Tanner on Little Joe last fall in Lloydminster for an 88 point effort.


Tanner Girletz on GRS 63 Forget Me Not – This bull really fired last week at the Ranchman’s PBR in Calgary. Tanner isn’t too happy about how things went in Calgary either since he didn’t make it right back to Sunday and has to now rely on Wild Card Saturday. There haven’t been a whole bunch of guys cover this bull but I bet Tanner does. Potentially he could win the long round. On this day and since this bull has the tendency to turn to the right, Tanner will ride his families own bull and win the long go.

Zack Brown rides Forget Me Not for an 87 in Abbotsford, BC this past February.


Current PBR Canada July Built Ford Tough Series Incentive Standings

  1. Tanner Byrne $4,208
  2. Ty Elliot $3,246
  3. Ty Patten $2,215
  4. Devon Mezei $2,130

There are some open spots for this event as well since Tyler Pankewitz and Tyler Thomson won’t be competing due to injuries suffered at the Calgary Stampede. If you are anywhere near and wanting to ride, give Ellie Skori, the PBR Canada Office, or if all else, me a shout to get yourself on the list.

If you are anywhere near Kinsella be sure to get yourself over to the sports grounds for the night’s events. If not, catch up with everything that happened here on Everything Cowboy Thursday Morning.

See you in Kinsella!



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