In The Bull Pen with Ted Stovin Elnora, AB – August 11th, 2012

Elnora, AB: These are the ones you’ll want to watch for at tonight’s Elnora, AB Brahma Rama.

Kyle Lozier vs. EKBB341 Unabomber- In my opinion, this has been the best and most consistent bull in Canada for the past two years. They get the most high scores the most often part of the time on Unabomber than any other bull. You don’t always ride him but when you do, you are going to be 90. Kyle is needing to win some more money today in order to get himself further up the Qualifier Standings so he will be giving it his all to get there. He’s darn sure got the one to do that on too.

Tanner Byrne scores 90 points on Unabomber for the Kinsella, AB win on July 11th.


Tyler Pankewitz vs. WV803 Uncle Buck- Zane Lambert was 85 on this bull in Camrose, AB about nine days ago. He’s one that came from Ty Prescott that is named after Tom Baird. He kicked hard and spun to the left with Zane. He could have even been a few more points. Nansen Vold and I were talking last night and he said this should be the round. Pankewitz won’t be too happy with Lashburn’s Short Go so I’m with Nansen on this one. If Pank wants to go to San Antonio too he’ll have to ride this one.

Zane taking on Uncle Buck for an 85 in Camrose.


Matt Triplett vs. FHRC867 Bringing Sexy Back- This is a rank one of Lorne High’s. I don’t think he’s been ridden far by anyone yet this year. Matt Triplett is riding great and on a roll. He’s darn near got the San Antonio spot wrapped up too. Matt is $3,000 ahead of Tyler Pankewitz so things would have to be just right on each side. It’ll make an interesting evening in Elnora. I bet Matt rides this one though for a big score.

Cole Young attempted 867 in Arrowwood in June.


Zane Lambert vs. EKBB707 Dragon’s Den & WV801 South Side Fade- Zane has got two bulls here that he could win both rounds on essentially. Aaron Roy won the Long Go on Thursday on Dragon’s Den with an 85. The little red white faced Eno/Kubinchak Bull kicked out one then came around to the right. I bet Zane makes a ride identical to Aaron’s on that one. Then comes South Side Fade in the second round. This is another good bull raised by Ty Prescott that looked really good last Saturday with Tyler Thomson. Since he will spin right Zane will ride this one too for another good score.

Tyler Thomson taking on South Side Fade last week in Camrose.


It all gets underway Tonight, August 11th, at 7:30pm in Elnora, AB just South a



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