In the Bull Pen with Ted Stovin Eatonia, SK – August 9th

Eatonia, SK: The Tenth Annual Eatonia Harvest Crunch takes place this Thursday Night at the Eatonia Memorial Arena. As the first stop of the August PBR Canada BFTS Incentive, it’s sure to be exciting. $7,500 in added money is up for grabs with a trophy buckle being presented to the night’s champion bull rider.

This is my shot at the In the Bull Pen story for Eatonia. Be sure to add a comment with your picks after seeing the draw below.


Ty Patten vs. BCR LR14 Shot Glass – Blade Young rode this bull in Oyen a couple weeks ago for an 82.5. The Black Horned Big Country Bull turned back to the left after a couple jumps out there he weakened at the end a bit but held up for a decent score. Ty didn’t do very well last weekend and will be looking to do well. What he will really be looking to do is win the most money at all three of these events to get himself to San Antonio since he missed out on the July incentive by a couple thousand dollars.

Blade Young 82.5 on Shot Glass in Oyen two weeks ago.


Jesse Torkelson vs. HOGS856 Black Chicago – This black and white bull has been solid as a four year old for the Wild Hoggs this year. We haven’t seen him a bunch but he’s a good one. He should turn back to the right after a jump out of the box. Jesse will handle this bull good with his brazilian rope and win himself some money. I’m betting he’s about 84 points just like Besplug was in Marwayne in this video below.

Chad Besplug rides Black Chicago for the Long Go win in Marwayne, AB back in April.


Tanner Girletz vs. HOGS77 Northern Chill – I’ve seen this bull a few times now and I’m not sure what to think of him. He looks like a whip down specialist at times but then Tanner Byrne rode him the other week and was only 79 on him. He did hit his head on the chute though so that’s probably what messed him up. Northern Chill came from Dala Bala and Ty Elliot was 86 or so on him to win the Long Go over in Edgerton on him at the start of July. Tanner will ride him and probably win the long go. It all depends on the trip though so we will see.

Tanner Byrne on Northern Chill for a 79 in Manor, SK July 21st.


Denton Edge vs. EKBB822 TJ – Darin Eno raised this bull and I’ve only seen him go a couple times. He was real wild in Arrowwood with Te Hiko Neil of New Zealand. Te Hiko almost rode him there and he would have probably got a good score since TJ was real tough to ride. Denton is coming off of a good weekend and good ride in Strathmore on Monday too so I bet he rides this one no matter what he does.

Te Hiko Neil on TJ in Arrowwood, AB on June 13th


Long Round
1 Logan Kadlec Bladworth, SK BCR W4 Virginia Slim L
2 Cody Moore Houston, BC BCR 17 Trained Bear L
3 Ty Patten Buck Lake, AB BCR LR12 Shot Glass R
4 Jared Farley Kempsey, NSW GRS 922 Kevin’s Quittin Too R
5 Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB BCR 01 Awol Nation L
6 Josh  Birks Irricana, AB BCR 24 California Raisin L
7 Todd Chotowetz Major, SK RSGA 88 Cowboy Kryptonite R
8 Mike Trask Mescal,AZ RSGA 807 Burglar R
9 Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK RSGA 54 Rooster Cogburn L
10 Reid Lozier 150 Mile House, BC RSGA 83 Flat Top L
11 Kyle Lozier 150 Mile House, BC GRS 807 Free Fallin R
12 Tyler Thomson Black Diamond, AB GRS 707 Candyman L
13 Ty  Elliott Nanton, AB GRS 8 Genesis R
14 Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND GRS 801 True Grit R
15 Matt Triplett Lakeside, MT GRS 916 Exodus L
16 Kyle Primeau Edmonton, AB GRS 70 Wizzle Ur Wuzzle L
17 Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB HOGS 866 All Wrapped Up R
18 Armando Davila Rodriguez Saltillo Coah Mex HOGS 724 Lost Wages R
19 Jesse Torkelson Warburg, AB HOGS 856 Black Chicago L
20 Tanner Girletz Cereal, AB HOGS 77 Northern Chill R
21 Zac Peterson Velva, ND HOGS 511 Hillbilly Deluxe R
22 Aaron Roy Yellow Grass, SK EKBB 707 Dragens Den L
23 Josh Moyer New Lowell, ON GRS 711 Circle of Insanity R
24 Denton Edge Marwayne, AB EKBB 822 TJ L
25 Tyler Pankewitz Warburg, AB EKBB 801 Strike Force L
Low 317 Cavity Search R GRS
74 Abu L RSGA
625 First Nation Sensation R GRS
701 Foul Play R EKBB
81 Axis of Evil L HOGS
56 Super Tramp L RSGA
5 Whiskey Sam R BCR
LR515 Murphy’s Law L BCR
677 Little Joe L HOGS
High 613 Bush Hog R GRS
Girletz Rodeo Stock GRS
Wild Hoggs HOGS
R – Saga Ranch Ltd. RSGA
Big Country Rodeo BCR
Eno/Kubinchuk EKBB



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