In the Bull Pen with Ted Stovin – Coronation, AB

Coronation, AB: Darin Eno and I picked these match-ups to write about for tomorrow’s Coronation Ag Society Royal Rumbull. Come on down and see it all happen starting at 7:00pm tomorrow night, August 15th, 2012 at the Coronation Memorial Arena.


Brendon Clark vs. RG148 Bet on Deuces – Brendon currently sits 31st in the PBR’s Touring Pro Division Standings. All he wants to do at this point is win every dollar he can in order to get back on tour. He’s got a bull he will be able to get back to the short go on too in Nate Gardner’s Bet on Deuces. This bull is pretty showy but doesn’t have a ton of up and down to him in the back end. Brendon should be 81-83 points

Tanner Byrne rode Bet on Deuces as part of his Kinsella, AB win about a month ago.


Zane Lambert EKBB866 Bucket List – This Eno/Kubinchak bull seems to trick a few guys with his direction change. I don’t see that happening to Zane though. He’s got some ground to make up in order to catch Aaron Roy in the PBR Canadian Standings to win his first ever PBR National Championship. Bucket List will give him a chance to get back to the short go in a good spot.

Tyler Pankewitz riding Bucket List for an 84.5 in Edmonton in February.


Jordie Campbell vs. EKBB701  Strike Force –  Jordie hasn’t ridden since 2009 I think. At that time he cracked out of no where basically saying he needed to win his wife a new car in Oyen. His wife got one that night because Jordie won. I haven’t seen this bull much yet but he threw off Tyler Pankewitz in Eatonia pretty quick last week. This will be an interesting match up.


Beau Hill vs. GRS771 Big Easy – Big Easy is a lot like his name he really isn’t too big but from what we’ve seen he might be easier than most. A Girletz bull, he’s one you want to draw every single time. Beau Hill will be happy with this draw. Look for an 82-84 point score and to see Beau in the short go.

Dan Hansen winning the Kinsella long go not far down the road from Coronation on Girletz’s Big Easy last month.


Tanner Byrne vs. HOGS747 South of Heaven – Coming off of his PBR Built Ford Tough Series Debut, Tanner Byrne will be looking to get back at it here in Coronation after going 0/2 in Tulsa, OK. The red horned bull of the Wild Hoggs has been a pretty consistent 85 pointer all year. Tanner will ride this bull no matter which way he goes and get himself back to the short go for a shot at the win.

Beau Hill rode South of Heaven in Wanham in June for an 84.5.




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