In the Bull Pen with Jason Davidson – Langham, SK

Langham, SK: 3D Bullriding’s Jason Davidson goes over his picks for Thursday August 16th’s Curtis Leschyshyn PBR Invitational. Stop number seven on the 2012 SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour.

Ty Pozzobon vs BRZY867 Bringing Sexy Back – Josh Berezay recently purchased this bull from Lorne High and I think he made a great one. This bull bucked off his rider at the Aaron Roy PBR event in Asquith in no time.  Pozzobon may be the hottest Canadian on the PBR Tour right now and I think this match up could be the long round win.


Last weekened’s BFTS Incentive winner Matt Triplett was thrown off of Bringing Sexy Back in Elnora. 867 was also the bull of the night at the 14th Annual Brahma Rama.


Stetson Lawrence vs RSGA56 Supertramp – Stetson’s name ended up beside the bull that I bet everyone wishes they had.  This black muley from Andy Robertson will put you deep in the long round standings… if you stay on!


Scott Sciffner wasn’t able to last Thurdsay in Eatonia in the Short Go.


Brendon Clark vs BRZY532 Monkey Bones – Josh Berezay is quietly making a name for himself in the PBR stock contracting business.  This is another great bull he is bringing to town Thursday for the Curtis Leschyshyn PBR.  Brendon is no stranger to winning Canadian money, in fact Canadian PBR’s have treated Clark to many victories over the past 10 years.  Brendon can contend for a shot at some long round money on this bull and certainly make it back to the Championship round.


Zac Peterson came up short when Monkey Bones switched it up in Elnora on Saturday.


Aaron Roy vs FF4 Young Money – Local favorite Aaron Roy will bring out hundreds of fans to the community of Langham Thursday night. Roy has drawn a red sweetheart of Rusty Clunie’s that can be tricky.  Young Money bucked off reigning PBR Canada Champion Tyler Thomson at Aaron’s event in Asquith 2 months ago.  Aaron currently sits atop the PBR Canada Standings and is determined to win an unprecedented 3rd PBR Canadian Title in Saskatoon Nov. 17th… Roy will ride the Flying 4 bull for a shot at one of the great Championship round bulls.


Two of the winning rides that has boosted Aaron to the top of those PBR Canada Standings.

In Eatonia, SK on Girletz’s Bush Hog for an 87 and about $3,000 last Thurdsay.


In Manor, SK on Wild Hogg’s Freckles for another $2,400 on July 21st.


Tanner Girletz vs CALG703 Gingas Kong – Raymond Goodman is bringing the Stampede Ranch’s very best bulls to Langham. Tanner is going to have to keep his chin down on this newly aquired Calgary Stampede bull that came from Ellie Skori.  I hope Tanner can make a liar out of me but I think Gingas Kong wins this battle Thursday night.


Tanner Girletz won Lloydminster, SK on Gingas Kong last September with this 88 pointer.


You can see how all these match-ups turn out starting at 7:30pm this Thursday in Langham.



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