Byrne takes Second Annual Curtis Leschyshyn Invitational

Langham, SK: They kicked the tires and lit the fires tonight in Langham, SK for the Transall Second Annual Curtis Leschyshyn Invitational PBR.

Fans were treated to Moto-Cross and bull riding just south of Langham as the 2013 3D Bull Riding Tour continued today. This event marks the second year former NHL defenseman and Stanley Cup winner, Leschyshyn, hosted a PBR event.

The long round had ten qualified rides, led by Zane Lambert who continued a strong 2013 with an 84.5 on Smoke Ring.

Josh Birks followed with an 84 on Abu.

Max Fortmuller made a good ride but got his spur hung in the flank on his way off Pank’s a Clown.

A couple of Saskatchewan riders took advantage of home field and covered the long round including Tanner Byrne, Justin Lloyd and Aaron Roy.

Roy however, declined an 83 early in the short round and bucked off of his re-ride. Justin Lloyd was stymied by a gate foul while under Wonder Boy, costing him a second ride.

Prince Albert’s Tanner Byrne was the only qualified ride in the short go with an 87 on Trendon for a total of 170.5 on the night and $3,400 to his earnings. He voiced his appreciation for the fan support of the sport here in Saskatchewan, Curtis’s event and recalled having had success on Trendon before.


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Unofficial results. Langham, SK. Curtis Lescyhshyn Invitational PBR. June 22nd, 2013

1. Tanner Byrne, 170.5/2, $3,400.00; 2. Zane Lambert, 84.5/1, $2,975.00; 3. Josh Birks, 84/1, $1,912.50; 4. (tie)  Justin Lloyd and Max Fortmuller, 82.5, $786.25; 6. Cody Heffernan, 82/1, $340.00; 7. (tie) Ty Patten and Jesse Torkelson, 80.5/1, $212.50.

Next up on the SIGA 3D Bullriding Tour is the Wade Redden PBR Challenge Presented by Crude Master Transport Inc in Hillmond, SK on Friday June 28th!




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