Besplug Leads in Prince Albert After Night One

Prince Albert, SK: It was an emotional evening at the Art Hauser Center tonight for the PBR dedicated to Max Clunie and Wade Cooper.

The highlight of the night had to be when Blaine Fyson was awarded the first ever Max Clunie Ring of Honor award. It was pretty cool to hear the story of how Blaine and Max met.

Here’s how the action unfolded in the bull riding:

Cody Moore started it off with an 83.5 on Diego:

Not long after, PBR BFTS Mainstay Ty Pozzobon took on the Calgary Stampede torro Bull Durham:

2011 Canadian Champion Bull Rider Chad Besplug made this ride on the Girletz bull Cowboy’s Choice:

Zane Lambert made this ride on the Andy Robertson Bull Abu

Near the end of the Long Go, Saskathcewan’s own Dakota Petersen took on the Flying Four Bull Lit Up:

The bull of the night came as the final rider left the chute. It was Scott Schiffner getting thrown from the great new bull by the name of Cool Valley from the Vold/Robinson pen:


Short Round

Going in, things looked like this:

  1. Chad Besplug 86
  2. Zane Lambert 84.5
  3. Cody Moore 83.5
  4. Ty Pozzobon 83.5
  5. Dakota Petersen 83.5
  6. Matt Tripplett 83
  7. Aaron Roy 80.5
  8. Ben Kinkead 79.5

Since there were only 8 qualified rides in the long round of competition, Ty Elliot and Tyler Pankewitz made their way in due to times.

Ty Elliot made the best of his opportunity on the Flying Four Bull Krackin’

Cody Moore had a shot to win it on Skori’s Gingas Kong:

Even though he was already tonight’s winner, Chad Besplug had the chance to take a commanding lead up against the Girletz great First Nation Sensation:

Standings After Night One

  1. Chad Besplug 86
  2. Ty Elliot 85.5
  3. Zane Lambert 84.5
  4. Cody Moore 83.5
  5. Dakota Petersen 83.5
  6. Ty Pozzobon 83.5
  7. Matt Triplett 83
  8. Aaron Roy 80.5
  9. Ben Kinkead 79.5

After the event, I had the chance to quickly talk with Chad Beplug:

Night one Bull Stats: Vold’s first with a 21.16 avg on 6 outs, Hoggs 2nd with 20.75 on 4 outs. Flying 4 is 3rd with 20.67 on 3 outs.

The second night and the night we find out who the 2012 Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR Champion starts this evening at 7:30pm at the Art Hauser Center. If you are anywhere near you should make your way down because it’s going to be a great event. It’s not very often you’ll see all of Canada’s top bulls and bull riders in the same place. You will in Prince Albert, SK tonight.




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