Birks Wins Wanham, Bucks Off Slash for $10,000

Wanham, AB: On Saturday Night in Wanham, no bull riders this evening put together two scores to overtake Josh Birks’ lead from night one. That would mean Birks got the shot at Slash for $10,000 tonight. Unfortunately for Josh, he wouldn’t make the whistle for the qualified ride and the bonus money. Fortunately for him, his two scores from Friday would get him the event win and a big check either way for his big scored rides.

This win will mean jumping at least one spot in the PBR Canada National Money Standings where he went into the weekend in fifth place with $9,024 won on the year. It’s likely he will move up a couple spots in the point standings too which will help him in his quest for a PBR Canadian Championship.

In Arena Announcer, Doug Young, got a few words from Josh at the event’s conclusion.


Ty Elliot would have the highest score from Night Two. 88.5 points was the score on the Braithwaite Bull, Northern Lights. A bull that grew up not far from here. This score and the money won will help Ty’s cause as he’s fourth in points and sixth in money for the PBR Canadian Standings.


Beau Hill was next best tonight at 86.5 points on a new Vold Bull, called Pill Poppin’.

Rounding out the top three was three-time PBR Canadian Champion, Aaron Roy, who was 86 points on Armstrong’s Weird Al. Being 66th in points going into Wanham with no money won, this was one ride of many Roy needs if he wants to win another Canadian Championship.


There were no qualified rides in the Championship Round tonight.

For the full recap from Night One in Wanham, see the link below.

Unofficial final results for the Wanham, AB PBR Canada Touring Pro Event June 14th and 15th, 2013.

1. Josh Birks, 179/2, $5,899.50; 2. Brian Hervey, 176/2, $4,544.10; 3. Tyler Pankewitz, 174.5/2, $2,692.80; 4. Tanner Girletz, 160.5/2, $1,683.00; 5. Ty Elliot, 88.5/1, $807.84; 6. Beau Hill, 86.5/1, $538.56; 7. (tie) Dakota Louis and Aaron Roy, 86/1, $336.50 each; 9. Ty Patten, 84/1; 10. (tie) Ty Patten and  Zane Lambert, 81.5/1.

Next up on the PBR Canada Schedule for 2013 is the Paradise Valley Bull-A-Rama on Friday, June 21st at 7:00pm. There are seven days of PBR Bull Riding Action in Canada over the next three weeks alone. Stay tuned for the busiest month of the year as we’ve got you covered.




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