SASKATOON, Saskatchewan — Number six on the Everything Cowboy countdown of the worst wrecks of 2014 is from this year’s PBR Canada National Finals and it’s a bit tough to watch.

I’m glad that I get help on what videos to add to the countdown since I for sure don’t always see them all or remember them. I missed this one all together but luckily someone told me about it. I’m glad they did too.

This video comes from Global Saskatoon back in November before the finals begun and features 2013 PBR Canada Champion Zane Lambert and Global’s Melissa Nakhavoly as she attempts to get on a bull. In the chute…

Giving some closure to this video, Zane did eventually pick Miss Nakhavoly up and set her on the bull. I didn’t ask Zane how that went but I’m betting she was still a bit nervous!

I do have to applaud the reporters that do sit down on these bulls at events across our country. I think it’s pretty cool you all are interested enough in our sport to get right in the mix of it. We are glad to have you and glad to show you more about our sport and how unique it is.

Maybe next year we can open the chute on one for you Melissa?


Everything Cowboy Worst Wrecks of 2014

6. Excuses, Excuses

7. NFR Judging and TV Coverage

8. Tork Gets Stripped

9. A Rough Day in PA

10. Wreck City’s Honorable Mentions


Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc.

7. Champion Earns $1.1 million at The American

8. Jamison’s July

9. Support from the Community

10. Young Wins BRC Title




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