CALGARY, Alberta — Scott Schiffner has been a part of every countdown we’ve had here in some fashion and this year is no exception.

Unfortunately though, this time around Scott is on the wreck side of the countdown in the number three spot with a pair of mishaps from two different events.

The first one came in Lethbridge this spring against a bull that went on to compete for a PBR World Title, Hey Jack formerly of the Wild Hoggs.



In August, it may not have been a dirt nap but based on the screenshot I got that is the picture of this post, it was darn close.



Here’s to less of these in 2017 Scott! I’d rather see you in the number one spot again like you were in 2014. 

Biggest Moments of 2016

4. Pozzobon earns $97,500 at PBR World Finals

5. Scott Byrne named 2016 Cowboy of the Year

6. Thurston claims back to back Stampede titles

7. Hansen returns to win Canadian Championship

8. Edmonton to host million-dollar PBR

9. Canadian Cowboy Ski Race passes $50,000 mark

10. CFR 44 and 45 to remain in Edmonton

Worst Wrecks of 2016

3. Dirt naps with Scott

4. KO’d in Cowtown

5. He’s hung up!

6. Doubling Down in Innisfail

7. Team Ropers wreck too

8. Hordern gets hooked in Manor

9. Hofer gets stomped by Mick’s Mouse

10. Hank gets hooked by the escalator


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