Battleford Good to Byrne

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan — Two nights before the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series returns for the second half, Canada’s top Bull Rider earned a win in his home province.

Tanner Byrne boards a plane, or two, to make his way to Biloxi, Mississippi on Thursday but on Wednesday night he won the 2nd annual Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic.

Byrne’s night may not have started out ideal as he came down on both of his first two mounts. Fortunately he was awarded a re-ride on one and made good on his last chance. 84 points was the result on Booster Juice from Cody Strandquist to finish third in round one.

In the finals it would be a match-up with the great Minion Stuart from Skori Bucking Bulls. Even though it got a little hairy at the end Byrne would put up the only score of the round to take home all the money, $4,623.80 total to be exact.

Currently 17th in the world, the win should move him up a spot to overtake Cooper Davis. Just as important is the increase in his lead in the PBR Canadian standings which he should leave by over 2,000 points when the new standings are revealed.

The Prince Albert, SK man makes his way to Biloxi holding the second highest riding percentage this season next to three-time PBR World Champion Silvano Alves.

Shay Marks and Josh Birks tied for second on the evening in North Battleford. Birks was the first man to put a score on the board in round one at 85 points on Hand Burner from Battle River Rodeo. Marks was one of the last putting up a matching 85 on Despicable You from the Wild Hoggs. Each man earned over $2,000 for his efforts and both end up inside the top 60 in the PBR’s World Standings from their point earnings.

Rounding out the top five were Australia’s Cody Teece and Saskatchewan man Cody Coverchuk. Both scores 83.5 points in round one and take home almost $700 for their work. Teece would go on to attempt Bounty Bull Hey Jack from the Wild Hoggs for $2,500 but came up short and injured his knee in the process.

Hear Me Roar earned the bull of the night honors.

A huge thank you goes out to Jodi and Corey Chmelnyk and the entire crew for their efforts in bringing such a top notch event to their hometown. I would also like to thank Malcolm Anderson from the Gold Eagle Lodge for being such a great host for us all this week.

We look forward to coming back to North Battleford once again in 2016!



Official results from the 2nd annual Gold Eagle Casino PBR Classic in North Battleford, SK on August 5th, 2015.

Round one: 1. Josh Birks on Battle River Rodeo’s 957 Hand Burner and Shay Marks on Wild Hoggs’ 130 Despicable You, 85 points, $571.20 each; 3. Tanner Byrne, 84, $326.40; 4. (tie) Cody Coverchuk and Cody Teece, 83.5, $81.60 each; 6. Casey Berg, 81; 7. (tie) Cawl Braithwaite and Fabian Dueck, 80; 9. Justin Lloyd, 76.5; no other qualified rides.

Finals: 1. Tanner Byrne on Skori Bucking Bulls’ Minion Stuart, 88 points, $1,631.80; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate, total money and points won: 1. Tanner Byrne, 172 points on two bulls, $4,623.80, 60; 2. (tie) Josh Birks and Shay Marks, 85 points on one bull, $2,094.40 each, 25 points each; 4. (tie) Cody Teece and Cody Coverchuk, 83.5, $690.88 each, 12.5 points each; 6. Casey Berg, 81, $304.64, 5; 7. (tie) Cawl Braithwaite and Fabian Dueck, 80, $190.40 each.


Next up on the 2015 3D Bull Riding Tour is Friday night’s Brad Phipps Memorial PBR in Lashburn, SK.



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