#1: Ty Pozzobon gets Knocked Out

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan — Until this morning, the Everything Cowboy Worst Wreck of 2014 was an unlisted video of Ty Pozzobon’s wreck from this year’s PBR Canadian Finals.

At the time, I didn’t want to publish the video, it was probably the worst wreck I’d ever seen in person. I was doing the music at the event and when Ty’s Mom, Leanne called, I stepped away. Thanks to my friend Richard Jones for looking after everything and teaching me the way on the tunes too.

All of us at the event were pretty worried at the time about our friend. To me this wreck of Ty’s was one that kind of brought everything back to reality to make me remember how dangerous of a sport this is.

Since the incident, Pozzobon has been resting up and taking care of his brain to make his return when his concussion symptoms conclude. Brain injuries are serious and need to be looked after.


This wraps up the Worst Wrecks Countdown for 2014, stay tuned later today and tomorrow for the biggest moment of the year and the rides in the 90 point club.


Everything Cowboy Worst Wrecks of 2014

1. Ty Pozzobon gets Knocked Out

2. The Clown Act Gone Wrong

3. Busted Up in the BRC

4. Wrecked in Regina

5. No Seeum

6. Excuses, Excuses

7. NFR Judging and TV Coverage

8. Tork Gets Stripped

9. A Rough Day in PA

10. Wreck City’s Honorable Mentions


Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc.

2. Canada Brings Home $147,000 from #WranglerNFR

3. Roy’s Return

4. Three in the Top 30

5. #CFR41 Trending in Edmonton

6. Lawrence and Hollingsworth Take on Sochi

7. Champion Earns $1.1 million at The American

8. Jamison’s July

9. Support from the Community

10. Young Wins BRC Title




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