#WranlgerNFR Round Two Results and Video Interviews

Las Vegas, NV: There are a couple of videos up on the YouTube page from this afternoon’s World Bronc Futurity at the South Point. That story is on it’s way soon. Until then, this is what’s happening at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo if you happen to be interested.

Starting things off, 2012 Canadian Bareback Riding Champion JR Vezain finished third Round Two with an 85.5 on the Canadian Horse from the Kesler’s that they call Mile Away who also won the Horse of the Night stock award.

In the Saddle Bronc Riding, Wade Sundell split top honors on the Calgary Stampede’s Mad Money with an 84.5. Taos Muncy rode the Northcott’s Charlie Horse for an 82.5, tying for the fifth spot.

Lindsay Sears and Martha got it right tonight getting around the Coors’ Barrels in a time of 13.91 seconds. At this point she trails World Standings Leader Brittany Pozzi by about $41,000. Mary Walker is in between the two ahead of Sears by about $20,000.

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For Rodeo fans in Canada, Round One of #NFR12 is on Sportsnet One tonight at 8:00pm MST and Sportsnet West at 11:30pm MST!


Stay tuned as the night progresses for results posted below along with video some video interviews and the nightly highlight video once it becomes available. Thanks for tuning in!


1. (tie) Will Lowe on Classic Pro Rodeo’s Bi Polar, and Kaycee Feild on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Riverboat Annie, 86.5, $16,343; 3. JR Vezain, 85.5, $10,895; 4. Brian Bain, 83.5, $7,656; 5. Jessy Davis, 83, $4,712; 6. Justin McDaniel, 81, $2,945.

Steer Wrestling

1. Billy Bugenig, 3.6 seconds, $18,257; 2. Dean Gorsuch, 3.9, $14,429; 3. Casey Martin, 4.0, $10,895; 4. Trevor Knowles, 4.1, $7,656; 5. (tie) Tom Lewis and Luke Branquinho, 4.2, $3,828.

Team Roping (re-run left to go)

1. Luke Brown/Martin Lucero, 4.0 seconds, $18,257; 2. Derrick Begay/Cesar de la Cruz, 4.6, $14,429; 3. Dustin Bird/Paul Eaves, 5.2, $10,895; 4. Travis Tryan/Jake Long, 5.3, $7,656; 5. Charly Crawford/Jim Ross Cooper, 5.4, $4,712; 6. Keven Daniel/Chase Tryan, 9.5, $2,945.

Saddle Bronc

1. (tie) Wade Sundell on Calgary Stampede’s Mad Money, Jake Wright on Mo Betta’s Shasta, Cort Sheer on Three Hills Rodeo’s Big Jet, 84.5, $14,429; 4. Cole Elshere, 83.5, $7,656.25; 5. (tie) Tyrell Smith and Taos Muncy, 82.5, $3,828.

Tie Down Roping

1. Clif Cooper, 7.3 seconds, $18,257; 2. (tie) Tuf Cooper and Monty Lewis, 7.5, $12,662; 4. Adam Gray, 7.7, $7,656; 5. Hunter Herrin, 7.8, $4,712; 6. Fred Whitfield, 8.0, $2,945.

Barrel Racing

1. Mary Walker, 13.80 seconds, $18,257; 2. Benette Barrington-Little, 13.82, $14,429; 3. (tie) Lindsay Sears and Lee Ann Rust, 13.91, $9,276; 5. Brittany Pozzi, 14.00, $4,712; 6. Nikki Steffes, 14.09, $2,945.

Bull Riding

1. Cody Whitney, 89 points on Wild Card Rodeo’s The Grinch, $18,257; 2. J.W. Harris, 88, $14,429; 3. Beau Schroeder, 87, $10,895; 4. Seth Glause, 86.5, $7,656; 5. Trevor Kastner, 83.5, $4,712; 6. Clayton Savage, 80.5, $2,945.

Round Two Video highlights courtesy of the PRCA, similar to some of the interviews you’ve seen as well.

Total Payoff per event per round: $58,894.23



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