Round Six #WranglerNFR Matchups

Las Vegas, NV: We are past the half way point after last night and tonight is another good night with a few horses out from up our way. This is a bit more on them.


60 Winn Ratliff, Leesville, La. 170 Star Burst Kesler Rodeo – Winn has been having a great NFR for being a rookie. He’s going to get along well with Star Burst too. Duane Kesler said the other day that a guy can be as many points as he wants to be on her and that she gives a guy a good chance to win a pile of money on her. Caleb Bennett was 84 on Star Burst to win himself fifth place in the first round.

45 Jessy Davis, Power, Mont. 199 Centennial Wayne Vold Rodeo – This 12 year old bay gelding isn’t new to the NFR. Neither is Jessy Davis. This is a nice horse for Davis to have and win himself some money on. Jessy is a long shot to win the World Championship but he’s got to be happy with having this horse tonight. It’s Centennial’s first trip at the 2012 NFR.

24 Wes Stevenson, Lubbock, Texas 121 Good Times C5 Rodeo – Winn Ratlif was 85.5 on Good Times in the first round to finish in second place. Wes Stevenson won Round One so this should work out just right for him to end up in a similar position on the score board in Round Six tonight.


Saddle Bronc

56 Cody Wright, Milford, Utah 227 Sergeant Whitney Calgary Stampede – Bradley Harter scored 75 points on Sergeant Whitney in Round Two and didn’t place. This gelding is out of Whitney Houston and Majestic Rocket and is already a grandson of Grated Coconut. Cody Wright will want to ride this one for all he’s got after coming so close last night on Wayne Vold’s Eclypce.

75 Sterling Crawley, College Station, Texas 294 Seven Thirty Seven Wayne Vold Rodeo – This horse hit the re-ride pen the first time around so this is his first trip. Seven Thirty Seven was bought by Wayne out of Benny Binion’s Bucking Stock Sale in 2011. According to Wayne, she’s a consistent 85 pointer. Jesse Wright was that on him at the Calgary Stampede this July. It’s his first time to the NFR so Sterling Crawley is in the same boat. Crawley has one he can win something on tonight.



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