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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Straws Milan keeps improving here in Las Vegas and is getting closer and closer to earning his first check at his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Tonight a time of 4.6 seconds placed him only two spots out of the money in eighth place. After some slower times by the two men ahead of him, he’s also moved up to a paying spot in the aggregate at eighth place with a total time of 25.1 on four steers. World Champion Dean Gorsuch won tonight’s round with another super quick run, a 3.1. Dean sits seventh in the aggregate and now fifth in the World.

Eight-time World Champion Rich Skelton and partner Nick Sartain took first place here on Sunday night with a time of 4.2 seconds. Sartain and Skelton also lead the aggregate thus far with a total time of 19.20 seconds.

Jake Wright won his second round of the 2013 finals and is now in second place in the world next only to his elder brother Cody. 86 points on Kid Rock of Brookman-Hyland Rodeo’s was the result tonight. Third brother Jesse sits seventh due to only picking up one check totalling $4,808 thus far.

Rookie Barrel Racer Taylor Jacob smoked em tonight with a 13.49 second time which was only 3/100ths of a second away from the arena record. In the Bull Riding, three-time World Champion J.W. Harris won his first round of this year’s finals with his 88.5 point effort on the left spinning black brockle faced bull from Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo called Medicine Show.

Tonight I caught up with Nicole Briggs, Miss Rodeo Canada for 2014 to talk about how her week has been thus far.

Courtesy of the PRCA and GAC, these are your results from round four.

The following are the results from round four of the 2013 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo at the Thomas & Mack Center. December 8th, 2013.

Bareback: 1. Jessy Davis on Growney Bros. Rodeo’s Raggidy Ann, 86, $18,630; 2. Ryan Gray, 84.5, $14,724; 3. Will Lowe, 84, $11,118; 4. Kaycee Field, 81.5, $7,813; 5. (tie) Caleb Bennett and Austin Foss, 81 $3,906 each.

Steer wrestling: 1. Dean Gorsuch, 3.1 seconds, $18,630; 2. Bray Armes, 3.5, $14,724; 3. K.C. Jones, 3.6, $11,118; 4. Matt Reeves, 3.8, $7,813; 5. Jule Hazen, 4.0, $4,808; 6. Jason Miller, 4.1, $3,005.

Dean Gorsuch celebrates after his run of 3.1 second in round four. Photo by Covy Moore.

Dean Gorsuch celebrates after his run of 3.1 second in round four. Photo by Covy Moore.

Team roping: 1. Nick Sartain/Rich Skelton, 4.2 seconds, $18,630; 2. Kaleb Driggers/Travis Graves, 4.9, $14,724; 3. Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 5.2, $11,118; 4. Dustin Bird/Paul Eaves, 5.4, $7,813; 5. Luke Brown/Colin VonAhn, 5.6, $4,808; 6. Turtle Powell/Dugan Kelly, 6.1, $3,005.

Saddle bronc: 1. Jake Wright on Brookman-Hyland Rodeo’s Kid Rock, 86 points, $18,630; 2. Wade Sundell, 83, $14,724; 3. Tyler Corrington, 82.5, $11,118; 4. Sterling Crawley, 78.5, $7,813; 5. Heith DeMoss, 78, $4,808; 6. Taos Muncy, 76.5 $3,005.

Jake Wright scores an 86 on Kid Rock for the round four win. Photo by Covy Moore.

Jake Wright scores an 86 on Kid Rock for the round four win. Photo by Covy Moore.

Tie down roping: 1. Cody Ohl and Ryan Jarrett, 6.9 seconds, $16,677 each; 3. Trevor Brazile, 7.0, $11,118; 4. Scott Kormos, 8.2, $7,813; 5. Tyson Durfey, 8.5, $4,808; 6. Shane Hanchey, 8.6, $3,005.

Barrel Racing: 1. Taylor Jacob, 13.49 seconds, $18,630; 2. Kayley Bass, 13.77, $14,724; 3. Sherry Cervi, 13.81, $11,118; 4. Brittany Pozzi, 13.82, $7,813; 5. Sabrina Ketcham, 13.86, $4,808; 6. Shada Brazile, 13.88, $3,005.

Bull Riding: 1. J.W. Harris on Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo’s Medicine Show, 88.5, $18,630; 2. (tie) Chandler Bownds and Trevor Kastner, 87.5, $ each; 4. (tie) Steve Woolsley and Tyler Smith, 86, $6,310 each; 6. Cody Campbell, 85, $3,005.

Round five draw:

Current World Standings:

For those of you not in Vegas and in Canada, the WNFR is on channel 418 at 9:30 p.m. MT for Bell users and 159 for those of you with Shaw in the city. You can also listen live to each night of the finals at

Great American Country airs live on the Dish Network, channel 165 and DirecTV channel 326 from 7-10 p.m. PT. Watch the Wrangler NFR relatively live on a camera and stream courtesy of GAC via this link. 

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