45 Canadian Animals Selected to Buck at 2022 Wrangler NFR

EDMONTON, AB (October 23rd, 2022) – A total of 45 Canadian bucking horses and bulls have been chosen for the 2022 Wrangler National Finals at the Thomas & Mack Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada from December 1st to 10th. 

We are thrilled to see 19 bareback horses, 20 saddle bronc riding horses, and six bulls amongst a strong list of bucking stock. Of the 19 bareback horses, five of these horses come from the Calgary Stampede, including the horse that helped Logan Hay break the world record with a 95.5 ride at the Hard Grass Bronc Match in Pollockville, AB – X-9 Xplosive Skies. This horse has been proven to mark 90 points in both the bareback riding and the saddle bronc riding. Stock from C5 Rodeo, Wayne Vold Rodeo, Outlaw Buckers, Legends Rodeo Stock, and Macza Pro Rodeo will also be hauled to Vegas for the bareback riding; including the 2022 Canadian Bareback Horse of the year – 118 OLS Tubs Stevie Knicks, and the 2017 PRCA Bareback Horse of the year – F-13 Virgil

The above stock contractors will also have stock in the saddle bronc riding, as well as horses from 2022 Canadian Stock Contractor of the year Duane Kesler and Big Stone Rodeo Inc. Of this list, the 2022 Canadian Saddle Bronc Riding Horse of the year – 242 OLS Tubs Get Smart will be making his final trip across the line as we celebrate his retirement year. We will also witness W-16 Wild Cherry from the Calgary Stampede, the horse who notoriously rears out of the shoot each ride and can mark 90 points or higher if ridden right.  

The Calgary Stampede and Legends Rodeo Stock will not be bringing bulls to the WNFR but the other contractors above will be. Featured in this list of bulls is 731 Alberta Prime Devil’s Advocate from Duane Kesler, the bull that has had a 100% buck-off for 2022. Big Stone Rodeo Inc. will be hauling 409 Mr. Clean, the bull who marked 91 points earlier in the season at the St. Paul Rodeo (OR). 

In 2021, Canadian contractors hauled 49 horses and bulls to the WNFR. 18 horses in the bareback riding, 24 horses in the saddle bronc riding, and seven bulls were selected. 

With the most Canadians to compete in the saddle bronc riding in recorded history, it is safe to say we are in for an exhilarating finals rodeo. 


BrandName- DeliveryFirm

A-91 Agent Lynx L Calgary Stampede

62 All Eyes On A &K RF Powder River Rodeo

F43 All Pink R J Bar J

J28 Angel Eyes R Championship Pro Rodeo

651 Ankle Biter L Rafter G Rodeo

A-6 Annual News L Calgary Stampede

122 Anything Goes L Beutler & Son Rodeo 

572 Apollo R Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

A-47 Arbitrator Joe R Calgary Stampede

5H2 Backdoor Johnny R Barnes PRCA Rodeo

303 Nutrena’s Bad Influence L Beutler & Son Rodeo 

111 Bar Talk L Beutler & Son Rodeo

K7 Big Show R Championship Pro Rodeo

601 Black Feathers L C5 Rodeo

40 Resistol’s Black Kat L Beutler & Son Rodeo 

531 Black Mamba R Muddy Creek Pro Rodeo

69 Black River L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

67- Boom Boom Girl L Championship Pro Rodeo

402 Recod Rack’s Boomerang L Beutler & Son Rodeo 

432 Bronc Riding Nation L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

-611 Cajun Queen L Championship Pro Rodeo

S44 Classic Equine Dream Machine LM The Cervi Brothers

107 Colorado Bulldog L Bailey Pro Rodeo

508 Copycat Valley L Vold Rodeo

611 Corona Time L Brookman Rodeo

6MO Deep Springs R Four Star Rodeo

N20 Devils Advocate L Three Hills Rodeo

794 Dirty Harry R Four Star Rodeo

474 Resistol’s Dirty Jacket R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

67 Dirty Work LB Powder River Rodeo

F608 Drunk Bunny L J Bar J

C19 Free Shipping L Outlawbuckers Rodeo

694 Fringe Jacket R J Bar J

107 Frontier Coffee Rocks L Championship Pro Rodeo

215- Full Baggage  L Frontier Rodeo

F12 Game Trail RMB Summit Pro Rodeo

658 MasterHand Milling Ghost Town R Beutler & Son Rodeo 

191 Girl Crush R Bridwell Pro Rodeos

213 Good Time Charlie L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

X54 Greeley Hat Works Bay Nation RFM The Cervi Brothers

16 Gun Fire R Frontier Rodeo

272 High Heels L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

156 Illegal Smile L Legends Rodeo Stock, LLC

9873 Knot So Foxy RBM Powder River Rodeo

608 Little Red Hawk L Flying U Rodeo

G7 Little Rotten R Duane Kesler

374 Mary R Bridwell Pro Rodeos

313 Mayhem R Big Stone Rodeo Inc.

102 Meat Cracker L Championship Pro Rodeo

327 Meat Sweats R Bridwell Pro Rodeos

11 Medicine Show L Rafter H Rodeo Livestock

127 MLW’s Irish Eyes L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

K10 Mr. Harry R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

406- Network Gazer RFM Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

4504- New Scarlet LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

2708 Night Crawler LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

3404- Night Flight LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

306- Night Gazer RB Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

C08 Night Lizard L J Bar J

445 Nite Faded L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

118 OLS Tubs Stevie Knicks RF Macza Pro Rodeo

403 Painted Playgirl L Vold Rodeo

28 Painted Smoke  L Frontier Rodeo

200 Pejuta Haka R Muddy Creek Pro Rodeo

H10 Preifert’s Pretty Woman L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

B02 Rand The Man R Four Star Rodeo

110 Redzilla R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

981 Rich N Fancy RB Powder River Rodeo

5403 Right On Q LB Rosser Rodeo

5-1 Rip R Championship Pro Rodeo

-6 Rose Valley R Big Rafter Rodeo

319 San Angelo Sam R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

9504- Scarlet Belle LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

44- Sesame Street L C5 Rodeo

807 Shady Nights LFM Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

510 Southland’s Shoutin’ Shoes L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

302 Silver Screen R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

16 Sippin’ Firewater R Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

307 Snap Chat R Wayne Vold Rodeo

606 Soul Lunatic L J Bar J

535 Southern Star R Frontier Rodeo

667 SouthPoint Katie RF Rosser Rodeo

060 Sozo R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

418 Star Witness L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

F302 Straight Ringer R J Bar J

FT15 Straight Stick L J Bar J

520 Sunday Sinner L C5 Rodeo

906+ Tip Off R Frontier Rodeo

304 Top Egyptian LM Pickett

404- Top Flight LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

904 Top Notch LFM Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

104 Topped Off LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo Co.

73 True Grit R Wayne Vold Rodeo

122 Turn Back Time R Outlawbuckers Rodeo

384 Two Buck Chuck RB Powder River Rodeo

308 Vegas Confused R Championship Pro Rodeo

F13 Virgil L C5 Rodeo

T82 Vitalix Aint No Angel LMB The Cervi Brothers

S48 Vitalix William Wallace RF Cervi Championship Rodeo

L7 Weenie L Championship Pro Rodeo

-001 Wilson Sanchez R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

D8 Worth The Whiskey R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

X-9 Xplosive Skies L Calgary Stampede

Y-92 Yippee Kibitz L Calgary Stampede

N358 Yum Bugs R J Bar J



Brand Name Delivery Firm

32 Alberta Moo L  Wayne Vold

113 All or Nothin L Andrews Rodeo

810 American Hat’s Positive Times L Andrews Rodeo

105 Assault R Rafter G Rodeo

00 Awesome Sauce R-M United Pro Rodeo

764 Bartender L Dakota Rodeo

432 Bet The Ranch LB Powder River Rodeo

403 Kay’s Big Bay L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

015 Big Tex R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

P9B Big Wheel RF Bar T Rodeo

074 Billie R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

H09 Brutus L Andrews Rodeo

946 Bubble Bath L Burch Rodeo

4361 Bugsy R Muddy Creek Pro Rodeo

581 Caballo Diablo L Western Rodeos

217 California Dreamin L Rosser

6-0 Cancun Moon L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

208 Cash Deal R Dakota Rodeo

687 Cat Walk RF Summit Pro Rodeo

040 Charlie’s Angel R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

207 Cheap Sunglasses L Big Rafter Rodeo

446 Chucky L Duane Kesler

C-9 Cloudy Skies L Calgary Stampede

C-78 Come Along R Calgary Stampede

643 Cypress Toddy L Corey & Lange Rodeo

-539 Dance Hall Dreamer R/E Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

117 Diamond Fever L Corey & Lange Rodeo

00 Double D R C5 Rodeo

476 Double Red R Duane Kesler

C480 Double Take RF Powder River Rodeo

301 Western Edge App’s Doughboy R Generations Pro Rodeo

128 Downtown R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

147 Dreamliner L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

255 Dry Creek R Summit Pro Rodeo

52 Elvira L Wayne Vold Rodeo

025 Feather Fluffer R Championship Pro Rodeo

74 Flirtacious R Brookman

5T6 Nutrena’s Foul Motion L Beutler & Son Rodeo

362 Fox Hole Gunner L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

701 Freckles L Mosbrucker Rodeos

39 Garden City Gal L Hi Lo ProRodeo

W25 Greeley Hat Works Avenger RMB Cervi Championship Rodeo

-301 Hammer Stone L Beutler & Son Rodeo

06 Heaven On Earth L Championship Pro Rodeo

M6Z Hell Boy RB Bar T Rodeo

701 Hired Gun L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

U82 CINCH Jeans Hit Man  RFM Cervi Championship Rodeo

C68 In The Lu L J Bar J

331 Indian Burr R Bridwell Pro Rodeos

P1B Jitter Bug LB Bar T Rodeo

819 Joker Poker L Korkow Rodeos

29 Kangaroo Lou LB Summit Pro Rodeo

570 BDM Mud’s Killer Bee R Beutler & Son Rodeo

333- Kitty Whistle R C5 Rodeo

446 Kool Toddy R Big Bend Rodeo

010 Larry Culpepper R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

303 Lil Sugar L Frontier Rodeo

873 Lunatic From Hell L Burch Rodeo

508 Lunatic Party L  Outlawbuckers Rodeo

447 Major Huckleberry L Big Bend Rodeo

R69 Mighty Mo L Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

102 Miss Ellie L Frontier Rodeo

720 Miss Major L Flying 5 Rodeo

-42 Miss Valley RB Powder River Rodeo

371 Momma’s Boy R Bridwell Pro Rodeos

532 Monster R Corey & Lange Rodeo

242 OLS Tubs Get Smart RF Macza Pro Rodeo

053 One More Reason R Wayne Vold Rodeo

022 Onion Ring L Korkow Rodeos

170 Painted Commotion L J Bar J

057 Pendleton Roundup’s Marquee R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

307 Ragin’ Lunatic  R Brookman Rodeo

4×9 River’s Ghost R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

711 Rubels L Big Stone Rodeo Inc.

608 Satin Sheets L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

513 Shamus R Generations Pro Rodeo

N22 Showboat R Three Hills Rodeo

747 South Point L Sutton Rodeos

L02+ Stacked Deck  R J Bar J

J15 Straight Jacket L J Bar J

N15- Straight Moonshine L J Bar J

459 Sue City Sue R Mo Betta Rodeo

830 Sun Glow R Vold Rodeo

250 Resistol’s That’s a Wrap R  Beutler & Son Rodeo

108 The Black Tie L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

814 Three Belles R Rafter G Rodeo

J43 Tickled Pink L Championship Pro Rodeo

T-77 Tokyo Bubbles R Calgary Stampede

086 Toma Jo R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

3003 Trump Card L C5 Rodeo

650 Uptuck L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

568 Utopia L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

V40 Vitalix Ricky Bobby LF Cervi Championship Rodeo

V60 Vitalix Womanizer LM The Cervi Brothers

875 Wall Street R  Four Star Rodeo

905 War Hawk R Hi Lo ProRodeo

W-1 Weekend Departure L Calgary Stampede

CW Wild BIll R  Frontier Rodeo

W-16 Wild Cherry L Calgary Stampede

832 Yellowstone R Frontier Rodeo

Y-38 Yesterdays Delivery L Calgary Stampede

2407 YETI Rambler R Rosser Rodeo

-746 Young Gun L Mosbrucker Rodeos

Z-63 Zastron Acres R Calgary Stampede

Z-37 Zoaria Hills R Calgary Stampede



Brand Name Delivery Firm

690 Afraid to Nod R Outlawbuckers Rodeo

F20 Alakazam R Powder River Rodeo 

731 Alberta Prime Devil’s Advocate  R Duane Kesler

56 Angels Landing  L Bar T Rodeo

X323 Artic Assassin R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

53E Bayou Bengal  R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

4634 Belly Dump R Salt River Rodeo Company 

85 Big Bank L Universal Pro Rodeo

4113 Big Hat L Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

560 Bit A Bad News R Four Star Rodeo

410 Black Magic L Rocky Mountain Rodeo

704 Blanco Dice L Western Rodeo

731 Bouchon L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

70F Brusta  L Powder River Rodeo 

-628 Bubba G L Dakota Rodeo

81 Burning Bush R Burch Rodeo

502 By The Batch L Wayne Vold

507 Caddyshack L Rocky Mountain Rodeo

159T Can’t Get Right R Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

2Y Chanler’s Dream  L Universal Pro Rodeo

47F Charmer  L Powder River Rodeo 

43C- Chiseled  R Powder River Rodeo 

632 Con Air L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

35F Cool Whip L Powder River Rodeo 

78 County Jail R Frontier Rodeo

180 Coyote  L Hampton Pro Rodeo 

71W Crash Cart R Stockyards Pro Rodeo

186 Curly Bill L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

827F Domino  L Powder River Rodeo 

610 Total Bull Doolin Dalton  L Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo 

679 Dr X L Universal Pro Rodeo

546 Evil Intentions L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

877 Vitalix Exodus R Cervi Championship Rodeo

77 Farmers Only L Big Rafter Rodeo

W403 Freckles Brown L King Rodeo & Wentz Bucking Bulls

763 FREEBIRD L New West Rodeo Productions 

83 Geronimo L Championship Pro Rodeo

618 Gladiator’s Hammer  R Frontier Rodeo

755 Glory Days L Frontier Rodeo

604-D8 Goin Brandon R Rafter G Rodeo

357 Grey Denim R Summit Pro Rodeo

343 Grey Eagle R Bar T Rodeo

03D Ground Assault L Stockyards Pro Rodeo

823 Happy Days L United Pro Rodeo 

666 Hell Boy E – R Barnes PRCA Rodeo

334 Hell Hound R Four Star Rodeo

187 High Rise L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

709 Jackpot R Frontier Rodeo

592 Jag Metals Grand Theft  L Powder River Rodeo 

C7 Let’s Gamble L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

D23 GR Trailers Lil Loco  R Hi Lo ProRodeo 

21 Mad Money L New Frontier Rodeo

705E Manaba  L Powder River Rodeo 

698 Megalomaniac R Rafter G Rodeo

E2-3 Midnight Rider R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

870 Mojo Risin L Brookman Rodeo

618 Money Bags R Silver Creek Pro Rodeo 

409 Mr. Clean R Big Stone Rodeo Inc.

739 Nasty Wishes L Dakota Rodeo

22 Night Hawk R Dakota Rodeo

L63 Ol’ Son R Andrews Rodeo

15 OLS Tubs Sunny L or R Macza Pro Rodeo 

639 OLS Tubs Ugly Wish L or R Macza Pro Rodeo 

X71 Record Rack’s Overwatch L Beutler & Son Rodeo

87L Party Animal R Stockyards Pro Rodeo

833 Pendleton Punchline R Pickett Pro Rodeo

412 Pickup Man L Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co

7033 Polar Express R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

55 Pookie Holler R Dakota Rodeo

E64 Redwood R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos

3121 Relentless R 4L & Diamond S Rodeo

612 Ridin Solo L McCoy Rodeo

700 Rock the House L Corey & Lange Rodeo

626 Schott In The Dark L Sutton Rodeo

-65 Silver Bullet R Big Rafter Rodeo

169 Sky Harbor L Dakota Rodeo

R62 MasterHand Milling Smoke Stack  L Beutler & Son Rodeo

M5 Soy El Fuego L Stockyards Pro Rodeo

751 Spotted Demon L Universal Pro Rodeo

63 Spy Glass L Muddy Creek Pro Rodeo

702 Stir Crazy R Brookman Rodeo

2118 Super Tramp L Bailey Pro Rodeo

-777 TC R Flying Five Rodeo

944 Ted L Honeycutt Rodeo

240 Time Bomb R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

804 Time For Magic R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

5377 Tool Box R Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics

39d Top Shelf  L Powder River Rodeo 

608 Twilight Zone R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

864 Twister  L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 

23E Under the Influence L Rafter H Rodeo Livestock

F42 Velocity R Andrews Rodeo

77 Vitalix Center Fold R Cervi Championship Rodeo

E16 Vitalix Predator L Cervi Championship Rodeo

777 Vitalix Yellowstone L Cervi Championship Rodeo

X3166 Wicked Sensation R Rafter H Rodeo Livestock

F50 Wild Onion L Andrews Rodeo

C807 Wing & Barrel R Rosser Rodeo

6220X Wrangler Jeans L New Star Pro Rodeo 

64 Yeti’s Big Poison L Cowtown Rodeo

*Subject to Change

*2022 Wrangler NFR Livestock list provided by the PRCA



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