36 Canadian Animals Chosen for 2014 Wrangler NFR

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — 35 Canadian Bucking Horses and one bull have been chosen for the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this coming December.

Special Delivery from the Calgary Stampede firm earned a third place finish in the Bareback Horse of the Year voting. Both the Canadian Pro Rodeo Bareback and Saddle Bronc Horses of the Year, Mucho Dinero from Wayne Vold and Lunatic Party from the Outlawbuckers were selected to work Vegas.

In 2013, 47 animals were chosen from Canada made up of 24 Bareback horses, 21 in the Saddle Bronc and two bulls. In 2014, ten less Canadian Bareback horses were chosen while the same amount of Broncs were picked in the 30th year in Vegas for the NFR.

One factor of the decline in animals selected in 2014 is the fact that C5 Rodeo did not meet the requirements to have stock selected.

The following information was received this afternoon from PRCA Senior PR Coordinator Jim Bainbridge via the PRCA’s Rodeo Administration Department: C5 Rodeo did not meet the requirements outlined in Bylaw B13.3.2 of the PRCA Rulebook and were therefore ineligible for selection or the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Bylaw B13.3.2: Qualification to Provide Riding Event Livestock. To qualify to provide riding event livestock to the NFR, a Stock Contractor must serve as the Primary Stock Contractor at three (3) PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $50,000 in added prize money, or five (5) PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $25,000 in added prize money during the corresponding rodeo year. If a WPRA barrel race is held at that PRCA approved rodeo, barrel racing prize money will be included in the accumulated total. 

In addition to the decline I was surprised to see some animals picked for the NFR but not the CFR. What are your thoughts or what are the reasons for this besides a contractor leaving them off the list for Edmonton, the animal not having enough trips in Canada or the animal spending more time in the United States?

The following are the animals from Canadian Stock Contractors selected for the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV from December 4th to 13th.



A43 Gold Dust R Big Stone Rodeo**
S-77 Soap Bubbles R Calgary Stampede*
S-83 Special Delivery R Calgary Stampede (3rd in stock of the year in PRCA)
T-17 Twin Cherry R Calgary Stampede
T-19 Tootsie Roll L Calgary Stampede
T-25 Turkish Whiskey R Calgary Stampede
T-29 Trail Dust L Calgary Stampede
263 Starburst R Kesler Rodeo
664 Western Star LF Kesler Rodeo
778 Copper Cat RF Kesler Rodeo
841 Street Dance R Kesler Rodeo
H83 American Trip LMF Outlawbuckers Rodeo**
73 True Grit R Wayne Vold Rodeo
838 Mucho Dinero LB Wayne Vold Rodeo


Saddle Bronc

711 Rubels L Big Stone Rodeo
L-40 Lynx Mountain R Calgary Stampede
M-64 Mata Fact R Calgary Stampede
S-3 Simply Marvellous R Calgary Stampede*
S-66 Stampede Warrior L Calgary Stampede
S-91 Shoshone Mountain R Calgary Stampede
T-38 Timely Delivery L Calgary Stampede
T-65 Tiger Warrior L Calgary Stampede
U-1 Until Kamloops L Calgary Stampede
124 Sky Blue R Franklin Rodeo Company*
529 Evening Mist R Franklin Rodeo Company
633 Summer Trip RB Kesler Championship Rodeo*
321 Poker Star L Kesler Rodeo*
828 Nickels & Dimes L Kesler Rodeo
242 Get Smart R Northcott Rodeo
B9 Calico Girl RF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
508 Lunatic Party LF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
530 Quittin Time RF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
03 Awesome R Wayne Vold Rodeo
R3 Pedro LB Wayne Vold Rodeo
Y2 Eclypce RB Wayne Vold Rodeo


Bull Riding

851 White Devil L Kesler Rodeo**


*Denotes animal not selected for 41st Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB.
**Denotes animal in spare pen of 41st Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB.

Visit this link for the 2014 stock list for the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB. 



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