Learning from the Leffews

I had about 36 hours that I could use to hang out at the Leffew Ranch from the time I finished my last exam on Wednesday Afternoon unntil tonight when I had to catch up on all of my homework and ride tonight in San Louis Obisbo, California. Homework isn’t much fun but talking about bull riding and learning about it is to me so I figured I should put up a video of Gary’s from what he teaches.

I have been riding a mighty bucky a bit this winter and it turned out that I had been doing things way wrong. I came into the fall before my surgery riding not to bad but after this winter of riding that thing it wrecked my mechanics a bit. I’m glad I had the opportunity t stop by and learn some stuff and get it right again. Tonight will be good!

Here is some of the video we learned from this morning though it’s a really good one featuring Jim Sharp and what made him so great!

Who are some of the other greats you can name? How about just in Canada too?



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