Wacey’s Picks – Prince Albert, SK – Day Two

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan — After a tough 1-for-5 outing for Covy last night, Wacey Anderson takes a stab at the picks for day two at the Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR.

Here’s Wacey.

Jared Parsonage vs. L5 Mouse – J-Roc is one of the stickiest guys heading down the road, he’s matched up against the big grey spinner from the R-Saga ranch, that a lot of guys seem to get along with. This one should be a sure bet for Jared to get back to the championship round

Lonnie West vs. 300 Bud A Bing – To be honest I don’t know anything about this bull that comes from the Andy Robertson string. However, I’d be silly to bet against one of my best pals and current PBR Canada número uno. Given the way Lonzo has been riding I can see him having no trouble with this sucker.

Brady Oleson vs. 59 Homeboy – This matchup is probably one of the best in whole draw. Brady is a super handy kid and Homeboy is one that a lot of guys have success on. This is a perfect mixture that should contend for a round win.

Cody Coverchuk vs. 123 Finning Regulator – From what the Facebook tells me Covey is just coming off a shoulder injury recently, so I can imagine he is ready to strap some cattle. This bull from the Flying Four should fit Cody just right and get back to that short round.

Garrett Green vs 7-334 Black Sugar – This X6 ranch bull has drew pretty deep tonight. Pig is super tough to get on the ground and always makes the most of a good draw. According to Pro Bull Stats this little bull has been rode a couple times right in that 82-84 range. I would expect the same result here.

Day two draw for the Clunie-Cooper Memorial PBR at the Art Hauser Centre on May 6th, 2017 starting at 7:30pm.

36 Jake Gardner Heavy Hitter X6R 122 R
37 Tim Lipsett Stick It RSGA 16 R
38 Riley Blankenship General Defense X6R 121 L
39 Jared Parsonage [2] Mouse RSGA L5 L
40 Lonnie West [2] Bud A Bing RSGA 300 R
41 Chase Thielen Smash SKRI 51 R
42 Jack O’Gara Bad Blood SHAY A08 L
43 Zac Peterson Mad Love SHAY A79 L
44 Cooper Zur Playing Chicken VR/P 410 R
45 Garrett Green [2] Black Sugar X6LC 7-334 R
46 Dayton Johnston [2] Water to Wine X6LC 3-313 L
47 Cody Casper Milky Chance F4BB S30 L
48 Mitchel Paton Blue Label VRGC 400 R
49 Dakota Louis [1] Wicked Dreams NVD 621 R
50 Dolon Wells Packing Heat VRGC 32 L
51 Jackson Scott Makin’ Moves FHRC 44 L
52 Zane Lambert [2] Plenty Cool FHRC 319 R
53 Dakota Buttar [2] Redneck Cocktail FHRC 420 L
54 Justin Lloyd [2] Shootin’ Crow FHRC 425 L
55 Cody Coverchuk [2] Finning Regulator F4BB 123 R
56 Jordan Hansen [2] Medicine Man F4BB #32 R
57 Brady Oleson [2] Homeboy SKRI 59 L
58 Thor Hoefer II Big Shot SKRI 216 L
59 Wacey Finkbeiner [2] Rat Trap F4BB 204 L
60 Cole Young Deja Voodoo F4BB 141 L


61 Double Down SKRI 114 R
62 Jersey Dip VR/P 221 R
63 Sicario X6R 0-314 R
64 Heaven’s Basement VR/P 008 R
65 Yellow Moon X6R 7-304 R
66 Bee Bop F4BB 111 R
67 Minion Stuart SKRI 0819 R
68 Moves Like Pozzy VR/P 506 R
69 Corona Time VR/P -206 L
70 First Buckle RFT8 5W R




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