Wacey’s Picks – Lethbridge – Day 2

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta — After Garrett Green set the bar on Day 1 of the Bridge City Chrysler/LA Towing PBR Challenge at the Enmax Centre, there are 30 more bull riders looking to bes him and take home top prize when the event completes tonight on Day 2.

With 60 World Points available to the event winner and the No.1 spot in the PBR Canada Standings you can bet these guys are going to be gunning for it.

My co-host of the Cowboy Sh*t podcast, Wacey Anderson, makes his debut on the picks for the 2018 season here on Day 2 in Lethbridge after I went a mediocre 3-for-6 on night one.

Jared Parsonage vs. 68 Blueprint

In my opinion, I think that Jared is one of the most underrated bull riders we have in Canada, he always seems to quietly find his way to the top of the leaderboard. Jared could not have picked himself a better draw here, Blue Print from the Girletz firm has been one of most consistent bulls on tour in the last number of years. When they do get Bule Print rode they usually end up in the mid to high 80’s, look for something close to that here.


Wacey Finkbeiner vs. 112 Gran Torino

Wace is another one of those guys who has quietly risen to the top of the Canadian bull riding scene. He has an unreal set of mechanics and always puts out his best effort no matter what. Wace is matched up with a cool little spinner again from the Girletz string called Gran Torino, this is actually a rematch from the 2017 Kinsella event where the bull came out on top. Wacey is going to be looking to get some payback tonight, I’m gonna say he checks in at about 83 points here.


Tyler Pankewitz vs. 59 Homeboy

Pank is a guy you can never count out no matter where you are, he is a wiley ol’ veteran that knows how to get it done. He is matched up against Homeboy from the Skori family up there in Kinsella. I am a really big fan of this bull, he bucks really hard and has the makings to be a star in the PBR Canada game. Homeboy should be right in the latch to the left which plays perfectly into Panks program. If Pank can get the job done I think this matchup can contend for a go-round win.


Tim Lipsett vs. 408 Grey Eyes

I can never pass up a chance to talk about my ol’ pal Timmy. I’ve known Tim every since we were kids, so he is always a guy I am rooting for. Tim is coming off a tough injury-riddled 2017 campaign, so he is looking to start 2017 off strong here in Leth-Vegas. He’s matched up against Grey Eyes who originates from the crew at Dynamite Buckers. I watched a few videos on the little bull and I really like him, he should be right in the door to the right and really buck the whole way through. This bull will be turning away from Tim’s hand, but there aren’t many guys I know who ride bulls away from their mitt as good as Tim. If Tim brings his A-game we could see a huuuuggge score here!

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