ELNORA, Alberta — As summer begins to wind down and we ease in to fall, every event becomes evermore crucial. Elnora will be no exception. With $12,500 in added prize money and crucial World and Canadian points on the line we could see some movers and shakers in the PBR Canada National Standings and PBR World Standings.

I have only ever been to Elnora one time, but let me tell you what an event it was. They have such a great venue, and are sure to fill the stands with the best fans around. Along with all that, the bull power in Elnora is always outstanding. There are a lot of matchups in this draw that could connect for massive points.

In saying that, If you’re not planning on heading down to the Elnora Brahma Rama Saturday night, get your act together. There are tons of activities for the family, along with the awesome PBR action. Gates open at 5:00pm, and the bull riding gets going at 7:30pm. Be sure to get there early to ensure you get a good seat!

Dayton Johnston vs. 168 Iggy – Dayton is one of the hot shot rookies on the PBR Canada scene this season. He started the year off with a bang after winning the event up in Teepee Creek, AB, as well as mixing in a few other big rides along the way. He is matched up here with a cool little bull from the Wilson Rodeo crew called Iggy, which should fit Dayton real good. I was able to see this bull while covering the event over in Cluny, he should hop out there and get it on the left. I haven’t seen to much of Dayton over the summer run, so lets hope he can get things rolling in Elnora Saturday night.

Casey Berg vs. 051 Road Trip – Jackpot, that’s the first thing I said when I saw this match up. Casey’s 2017 season hasn’t been easy on him, but after putting together a really good weekend at the Big Valley Jamboree I feel his luck is a about to change. Road Trip is another solid bull from the Wilson family that I have got to see a ton of over there years. Casey rides with his right hand down, which means Road Trip should turn back right in to his hand. Advantage Casey!

Kurt Shephard vs. 116 Chip Shot – This is a great match up, it has huge potential to put together some huge numbers. Kurt is one of our friends from down under, and is as sticky as they come. He has spent a lot of time between the Touring Pro Division and the Built Ford Tough Series, so needless to say Kurt is a guy who can get it done. Chip Shot the bull he is matched up against is no slouch either, they don’t ride him too often but when they do it’s for big time scores. If each of these two do their part, we could be flirting with 90 by the end of it.

Edgar Durazo vs. 185 Shot of Whiskey – Edgar is always one of my favourite guys to talk about, he probably has the best attitude out of anyone in the entire game. Diamonds or dust Edgar is always smiling, and has a positive outlook no matter what. I love this match up. Shot of Whiskey is big red bucker from our friends at the Two Bit Ranch, and Edgar could not of hand picked a better bull. This big sucker should jump out there and get it on to the right, which just so happens to be in to Edgar’s wheel house. Bad move. As much as I like Kurt on Chip Shot, I am going to have to go with my gut here and say that this is my pick to win the long round! You heard it here first folks!

Round 1 draw for the 19th Annual Elnora Brahma Rama on August 12th, 2017 starting at 7:30pm MT.

# Rider Name Bull Name TC Brand Del
1 Brock Radford Yellow Moon X6 7-304 R
2 Lonnie West General Defense X6 121 L
3 Kale Marks Herf 2BIT 19 R
4 Thor Hoefer II Unknown ENO 313 L
5 Todd Chotowetz Spuds DYB O7 L
6 Dayton Johnston Iggy WILS 168 L
7 Cole Young I’m A Hellian WILS 346 R
8 Casey Berg Road Trip WILS 051 R
9 Buffer Zone  [1] Hellcat in Heaven WILS 202 R
10 Coy Robbins Three on Tree 2BIT 483
11 Marcos Gloria Black Sugar X6 7-334 L
12 Garrett Green Wrangler’s Cut Out X6 9-439 L
13 Buffer Sone [3] Devil’s Wing 2BIT 804 R
14 Kurt Shephard Chip Shot OBRC 116 R
15 Justin Lloyd Your So Vain OBRC 080 R
16 Edgar Durazo Shot of Whiskey 2BIT 185 R
17 Zane Lambert Packing Heat VR/P 32 L
18 Tanner Girletz Apollo’s Gold VR/P Z99 L
19 Zac Peterson Big Fudge OBRC 26 R
20 Cody Coverchuk Crooked Nose VR/P 020 R
21 Fabian Dueck Fire Nails VR/P 222 R
22 Juan Carlos Contreras Crank-it-up ENO 434 R
23 Tyler Harr Redneck Cocktail FHRC 420 L
24 Rosendo Ramirez I Hear Voices FHRC 331 L
25 Buffer Zone  [2] Shootout FHRC 405


# Rider Name Bull Name TC Brand Del
26 Honky Sam ENO 009 L
27 Mama’s Broken Heart FHRC 330 R
28 Plenty Cool FHRC 319 R
29 Happy Camper 2BIT 465 L
30 Heavy Hitter X6 122 R
31 Monster OBRC 104 R
32 Bourbon Oak VR/P -316 L
33 Heaven’s Basement VR/P 008 R
34 Spot On WILS 215 R
35 Moves Like Pozzy VR/P 506 R



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