CORONATION, Alberta — Geez, I cannot believe we have hit the midway point of August already, it seems as if the summer has flown by! My boss, player, coach, and CEO Ted Stovin tells me that this is my last set of picks for the next few weeks so I better make them count.

The 2017 edition of the Coronation Royal Rumbull goes down Wednesday night, and with the Eno family at the helm it promises to be a great event. Even though, the roster of bull riders may not be full, the guys who are entered are the best of the best. When you combine that with the outstanding bull power on deck for tomorrow, fans are sure in for a treat!

Bull riding action kicks off at 7:00pm tomorrow, with the wild pony race kicking off the show at 6:00. I have also heard a rumour that there is still tickets available to sit in the Shark Cage. If you don’t know what that is buy a ticket, and you won’t be disappointed!

Tanner Byrne vs. 281 Ulterra’s Counter Force – Tanner is coming off his first weekend back on the Built Ford Tough Series, and even though he got skunked on the points end he got one rode which is a step in the right direction. He has drawn a really good bull from Wild Hoggs that should give Tanner a great opportunity to keep things rolling. I watched a couple of videos of this bull, and he should really fit Tanners program. My money is on Tan man for this match up!

Justin Lloyd vs. 86 Snap Backs – Every time Justin is in the draw, he is threat to be near the top of the leaderboard. Coronation will be no exception, he’s got himself a great draw from the Skori’s called Snap Backs. I haven’t seen a whole lot of this bull, but from what I saw on ProBullStats he looks to be fairly rider friendly. He has been covered his last three outs, and my money is on Justin to make it four in a row!

Kurt Shephard vs. 227 Precede’s Pink Panther – Kurt has been hanging out at 4620 with Ted and I all this week, and he seemed pretty excited about this draw. I made a huge mistake last week not picking him as my long go winner, but I am not gonna be that silly twice in a row. I’ve watched this bull a couple of times, and if Kurt shows up with his riding pants on (which I know he will) he could very well win another long go in Coronoation.

Zane Lambert vs. 298 Whiskey Hand – After putting together a huge 90 point ride over the past weekend in Dawson Creek, it looks like Zane has things jiving after being hurt most of the summer. This is good news, once Zane gets on a roll he tough to stop. The bull he is matched up with comes from the Vold string, and he looks like he will give Zane a great chance to keep things on track!

Brock Radford vs. 284 Bobby McGee – There is nobody hotter than Brock right now when it comes to the PBR Canada trail. He has won the last three events, and in doing so he finds himself in top spot of the PBR national standings. I have no idea what the bull he has drawn here is, but he comes form the Outlaw Buckers so I am confident he is a good one. To be honest, I’m sure it doesn’t even matter to him what they run under him! To paraphrase what the late, great Ty Pozzobon said I’m sure he could ride Godzilla at this point.

The following is the draw for the Coronation Royal Rumbulll PBR starting on August 17th at 7:00pm.

# Rider Name Bull Name SC Brand Del
1 Edgar Durazo Border King JFBB 2 R
2 Cole Young Guajillo Bandit JFBB 2010 R
3 Lonnie West Jubilee Jim JFBB JS66 L
4 Marcos Gloria  [2] Savage Sensation JFBB 2784
5 Tanner Byrne Ulterra’s Counter Force HOGS 281 R
6 Fabian Dueck Identity Thief THR 240 R
7 Juan Carlos Contreras  [2] Night Vision HOGS 32 L
8 Justin Lloyd Snap Backs SKRI 86 R
9 Zac Peterson Jaw Breaker SKRI L6 R
10 Tyler Harr Nugget OBRC 018 L
11 Thor Hoefer II Just a Crackin OBRC 09 R
12 Rosendo Ramirez  [1] Hellcat in Heaven WILS 202 R
13 Juan Carlos Contreras  [1] Road Trip WILS 051 R
14 Kurt Shephard  [1] Billy Jack ENO 315 L
15 Homegrown ENO O7
16 Coy Robbins Crank-it-up ENO 434 R
17 Marcos Gloria  [1] Hell’s Bell WILS X313
18 Kurt Shephard  [2] Precedes Pink Panther OBRC 227 L
19 Zodiac Sign OBRC +202 R
20 Cody Coverchuk White Tie VR/P 300 R
21 Zane Lambert Whiskey Hand VR/P 398 R
22 Brock Radford Bobby McGee OBRC 284
23 Rosendo Ramirez  [2] Flash Forward VR/P 399 L


24 Tweedle Dee VR/P 124 R
25 Blow Me Away VR/P 174 L
26 The Liquidator OBRC 21 R
27 Hookasaurus HOGS 21 R
28 Big Shot SKRI 216 L
29 Fake Agent OBRC 225 L
30 Spot On WILS 215 R
31 Monkey Nuts SKRI 193 L
32 Iggy WILS 168 L
33 Tykro Checkered Flag HOGS 293 R



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