NIPAWIN, Saskatchewan — After a rough night on the picks for Covy in Prince Albert last week, Tyler Thomson has a hot to take over a commanding lead on Friday in Nipawin.

Tyler Pankewitz vs. 1144 Dirty Grandpa – Pankewitz has been riding very well to start the year. I’ve always said there is nobody better than Tyler when he gets on a roll. Dirty Grandpa looks like a pretty nice bull should bring him back mid-pack for the short.

Brock Radford vs. 128 Quags Back – I don’t pick against the bull riders very often cause they tend to hold a grudge, but in this case I know that Brock will use this as fuel. Quags Back is a tough draw that I’ve never seen rode in person. All I’m doing is playing the odds here so I’m picking Quags Back. If Brock can ride him it will be for first in the long round. Hope I’m wrong.

Jordan Hansen vs. 71 West Wind – Can’t bet against Jordan and the riding he’s been doing this past year. West Wind looks to be a nice draw probably not for the round win but he will be solid in the long round.

Zane Lambert vs. 216 Big Shot – Totally the opposite bull for Zane than what Brock has. No pressure Zane but I don’t think anyone has ever fallen off Big Shot. Zane will ride him and maybe win the round here.

Jared Parsonage vs. 037 Canadian Outlaw – Biggest guy on the smallest bull! I know the feeling buddy. Jared can ride so many different types of bulls and that’s why he is so consistent. This little bull is not easy by any means and he is a round winner, if Jared wasn’t 6’8! He’ll get it done for second in the long round.

Who am I kidding! I can’t bet against Brock, he’ll ride Quags Back for the round win.

Round one draw for the 5th edition of the Nipawin RONA PBR on Friday May 12th, 2017 starting at 7:30pm CST.

# Rider Name Bull Name TC Brand Del
1 Todd Chotowetz Over Haul F4 324 R
2 Dalton Rudman Medicine Man F4 #32 R
3 Cawl Braithwaite Mr. Ripley F4 340 R
4 Justin Lloyd Milky Chance F4 S30 L
5 Jordan Hansen Westwind CSBB 71 L
6 Garrett Green Booster Juice CSBB A84 R
7 Cooper Zur Street Legal CSBB 376 R
8 Casey Berg Monkey Nuts SKRI 193 L
9 Zane Lambert Big Shot SKRI 216 L
10 Cody Coverchuk Jaw Breaker SKRI L6 R
11 Thor Hoefer II Double Down SKRI 114 R
12 Brock Radford Quags Back PRT 128 L
13 Tyler Pankewitz Dirty Grandpa PRT 1144 L
14 Luis Blanco Uptown Funk RFT8 21 R
15 Brady Oleson Whoote Blues PRT 199 R
16 Tyler Harr Wind Breaker PRT 205 L
17 Tristan Carlier Red Light PRT 293 L
18 Jared Parsonage Canadian Outlaw PRT 037 R
19 Chase Thielen Open Season HOGS 193 R
20 Jackson Scott Fade To Black PRT 292 L
21 Tim Lipsett Stay Alert HOGS 203 L
22 Mitchel Paton Ulterra’s Counter Force HOGS 281 R
23 Cody Casper Double Major HOGS 2 R
24 Lonnie West Pop The Latch HOGS 390 L
25 Wyatt Laughlin Snap Trapper HOGS 122 R


# Rider Name Bull Name TC Brand Del
26 Tykro Checkered Flag HOGS 293 L
27 Pozzy Time HOGS 166 R
28 Bee Bop F4 111 L
29 Tykro Liquid Fire HOGS 005 R
30 Tweedle Dee PRT 124 R
31 Live Like Ty PRT 225 L
32 Mr Legit PRT 266 R
33 Minion Stewart SKRI 0819 R
34 Barely Legal CSBB 75 L
35 First Buckle RFT8 5W R



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