Ty Pozzobon Foundation Launches Series of Educational Videos

First Video of the Planned Multi-Part Series in Partnership with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team Addresses Concussion Awareness

CALGARY, Alberta –In a continued effort to protect and support the health and well-being of rodeo competitors inside and outside the arena, the Ty Pozzobon Foundation and the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team (CPRSMT) announced their latest initiative Thursday night, proudly unveiling the first of a series of educational videos.

“We teamed up with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team to develop these educational videos to promote the health and well-being of our Western Sports athletes,” said Tanner Byrne, President of the Ty Pozzobon Foundation. “We started with the first one, concussion awareness, what they are and how to deal with them and what the repercussions can be.”

The next in the series addresses mental health.

“There is more coming on health and well-being,” Byrne added. “Proper diets, workout regimens, we don’t have coaches or trainers so we are all on our own. With these videos we hope to help our athletes.”

Fully funded by the Ty Pozzobon Foundation, and produced by Mike Beeley, the videos not only feature candid interviews with athletes, including the likes of Canadian legend Scott Schiffner, but also sit-downs with respected medical professionals that sit within and independent of the CPRSMT.

“The education piece is critical to the health and performance of the rodeo athlete,” Brandon Thome, Vice President of the CPRSMT explained. “We hope with the first two videos that the awareness of concussions and mental health will continue to be on the forefront with the current competitors as well the young kids starting out.”

The announcement came against the backdrop of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, with the Ty Pozzobon Foundation logo emblazoned across chuckwagon driver Darcy Flad’s canvas at the Calgary Stampede’s GMC Rangeland Derby, space donated courtesy of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders).

“This first video, it’s really amazing after I got to watch it, it’s not only for the sentiment of what happened with Ty but what I feel like it’s going to do for everybody that watches it,” Byrne concluded. “There are a ton of people that really laid it out on the line, their stories are going to help move us forward in what we are trying to do.”

About the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team (CPRSMT):

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team (CPRSMT) not-for-profit organization consisting of a dedicated volunteer group of athletic therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care professionals that provide on-site attention to rodeo athletes. The CPRSMT includes a network of physicians, sport medicine doctors and orthopaedic surgeons providing post injury care to rodeo competitors. The team is not a financially self-sustaining organization and relies on contributions from the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) and its members, the Ty Pozzobon Foundation, event committees and private donors.

About the Ty Pozzobon Foundation (TPF):

The Ty Pozzobon Foundation (TPF) was created in February of 2017 to protect and support the health and well-being of rodeo competitors inside and outside the arena. In conjunction with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team (CPRSMT), the Ty Pozzobon Foundation looks to educate, support and build the youth of sport of rodeo and bull riding. For more information visit TyPozzobon.com.

Courtesy: Ty Pozzobon Foundation



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