The Bulls of Australia with Barney Creech

M6 Unbroken. Photo submitted. 

SYDNEY, New South Wales — I caught a ride into the city for the Global Cup with Riley Gibson, a Professional Bull Rider who has spent time in Canada, and Brumby Brandenburg of Brandenburg Bucking Bulls. Brumby’s family is bringing their three bull team and an additional nine bulls to the event this weekend. Brumby gave me the lowdown on their bull team bulls.

*Important to note that chute deliveries talked about in this article are in Australian terms. This is opposite to how we call chute deliveries in North America

M6 Unbroken

This red horned bull is unridden and is one of the front runners for the PBR Bull of the Year title. He’ll be out the right delivery and will kick out of there and be around to the right. Look for a score in the 90’s on this Gary Mcphee bred bucker.

420 Take the Gamble

If you’ve heard of the Bangteng cattle being bucked then this is your opportunity to see one. This Norm Gamble bred Bangteng is little, athletic and hot. The dark brindle will be out the right delivery and will do anything. Look for a 90 something if they get him twisted in Sydney this weekend.

124 Slam N Jam

This Plummer looking bulls Grandsire is Just Dandy from Monty Samford in the USA. Slam N Jam will be out the left side and will be unpredictable when the gate opens. Fraser Babbington has ridden this bull three times for scores in the high 80’s.



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