Ted’s Picks – Coronation Royal Rumbull

CORONATION, Alberta — Wacey and I were talking the other day about what bull riding events in Canada have been around for the longest time.

Elnora’s Brahma Rama turned 20 this past Saturday while Oyen’s White Lightning Pro Cowboy Crunch had it’s 20th birthday in July.

On Wednesday, the Coronation Royal Rumbull is 18 years old making it one of those most prestigious and longest-running events in the country. What other events have been around this long? If you know, send us a note in the comment section below.

Bull riding on Wendesday night starts at 7:00pm but the sheep riding and wild ponies get things going at 6:30.

Until then, here’s a look at a few of my picks for Round 1.


Lonnie West vs. 405 Slick Cat 

How do I not pick this guy right now? Slick Cat came from Al Lively and Dan McDogall of Big Chief Bucking Bulls but is now with the Outlaw Buckers Rodeo Corp. I don’t know the bull very well but I do know Lonnie is coming off a huge weekend worth over $10,000 USD in Tulsa and now the No. 25 man in the World. Look for this guy to keep on rolling right into his first World Finals and make this bull look like a day off.


Justin Paton vs. 384 El Camino

Currently No. 47 in the World Standings, Justin won in Elnora so he’s riding well. El Camino is a nice black white faced muley that’s been ridden a time or two this year. Ottawa event Champion Austin Richardson put up a score of 83 points there but was bucked off the same bull in Halifax. My money is on the Aussie here, he only came back to North America to make it back to the big leagues and he won’t stop till he’s there once again.


Lachlan Richardson vs. 311 Done Talking

Like usual, Lachlan did some serious ass kicking over the summer and made his way back to the elite level last weekend in Tulsa. Done Talking from event hosts Eno Bucking Bulls was ridden by Thor Hoefer last year in Edgerton and he’s going to get rode on Wednesday night too. Look for a solid score here from Lachie.


Cody Coverchuk vs. 202 Hellcat in Heaven

Thor Hoefer also rode this Wilson Rodeo bull last summer, for the same score as Done Talking actually. A red horned bull, he looks like just the one for Coverchuk to overtake Brock Radford for the No. 1 spot in the PBR Canada rankings. It’s only 50.84 points that separates the two and I have yet to hear how Brock’s knee is doing. The door may be wide open here, it’s up to Coverchuk to capitalize if he wants to.


Nick Tetz vs. 314 Tequila Jax

Tequila Jax is a big jersey looking bull from Nansen Vold that left with Lonnie West in Ottawa for an 84 but then bucked him off in Halifax. A win and couple more weeks of the summer run now has Nick in the driver’s seat for the PBR Canada Rookie of the Year title. He’s my pick for that award now and to ride this bull to win Round 1.


The following is the Round 1 draw for the Coronation Royal Rumbull PBR in Coronation, Alberta starting at 7:00pm at the Coronation Arena.

1 Jake Lockwood Kish Me Bigstone 919 R
2 Klayton Lakevold Rooster Bigstone K8 R
3 Logan Biever All About Me Bigstone 249 R
4 Lonnie West Slick Cat Outlaw 405 L
5 Zane Lambert Ghost Rider Outlaw 455 L
6 Buffer zone Carson’s Quest Wild Hogs 599 R
7 Justin Paton El Camino Wild Hogs 384 R
8 Buffer zone Stuntman Hank Wild Hogs 532 L
9 Lachlan Richardson Done Talking Eno 311 L
10 Todd Chotowetz Rebel Soul Wild Hogs 480 R
11 Weston Hartman I’m A Hellion Wilson 346 R
12 Cody Coverchuk Hell Cat In Heaven Wilson 202 R
13 Tristan O’Neal Poker Face Wilson 44 L
14 Kale Marks Homeboy Skori 59 L
15 Juan Carlos Contreras Tom Petty Skori 13 L
16 Buffer zone Dunt Skori 1 R
17 Chase Thielen Headstruck Eno B7 R
18 Dayton Johnston Mr. Misunderstood Eno 49 L
19 Jake Gardner ASAP Rocky Foley 3X R
20 Ron Hunt Fired Up Freddy Foley 135 R
21 Aaron Roy Mr. Bright Side Vold 404 L
22 Lachlan Slade Spy Hill Vold C01 L
23 Brock Radford Sleep Walk Vold 438 R
24 Nick Tetz Tequila Jax Vold 314 L



Johnny Long Horn Outlaw 4 R Low
Double Major Wild Hogs 2 R
Pound Sand  Wild Hogs 342 L
Hard Rock Outlaw 374 L
Hanna Motors Two Point Oh Skori 62 R
Darkness Vold 497 R
Honky Sam Eno OO9 L
Home Grown Eno O7 L
Hell’s Bells Wilson X313 R
Buck Nasty Foley 481 R High



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