Team Ariat Places Firm Hold on First Place in Division B After Perfect 3-0 Weekend

Photo Credit: Ky Hamilton rides Spotted Demon for 90.75 points by Andy Watson, BullStock Media




Team Lucas Oil Gets Back on Track with Shutout of Team Cat


Team Lucas Oil: 171.25 points

Team Cat: 0.00 points

LAS VEGAS – Boosted by two first-half rides from its leaders, PBR veteran Ryan Dirteater (Hulbert, Oklahoma) and Team Captain Matt Triplett (Columbia Falls, Montana), Team Lucas Oil rode to its first victory of PBR’s new team tournament, the Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol. Blanking Team Cat 171.25-0, Team Lucas Oil climbed the Division B standings for the second-straight day. Dirteater got the day started for Team Lucas Oil aboard Pistol (Cottonwood Bucking Bulls, LLC), reaching the 8-second whistle for 84.25 points. That was followed up by Triplett, riding with a right knee MCL sprain sustained Saturday night, conquering Comfortably Numb (Cottonwood Bucking Bulls, LLC) for 87-points. The bulls took over in the second-half blanking all six riders, highlighted by Hurricane Party (Stockyards/Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Co) dispatching Triplett in 3.46 seconds for a 46-point bull score, the highest of the weekend. With the win, Team Lucas Oil closes out the weekend 1-2, while Team Cat drops to 0-3, riding only two bulls over their divisions first three days of play in the event.

Shane Proctor Rides Team South Point to Back-to-Back Wins to Close Out The Weekend


Team South Point: 172.5 points

Team Boot Barn: 0.00 points

LAS VEGAS – The bull riders of Team South Point were quick to rally around Shane Proctor (Grand Coulee, Washington) after he posted the high-marked ride of Challenge Day 8 last night, and that momentum carried into the South Point Arena on Sunday afternoon. Proctor, a 35-year-old veteran, was the first rider of Division B to go a perfect 2-for-2 in a game in PBR’s new team tournament. The Washington native was able to string together the only two qualified rides of Game 26. Following an 86-point trip aboard Get Shorty (Dakota Rodeo/Chad Berger/Clay Struve/Heald Pro Bulls), the 2011 PRCA World Champion added to Team South Point’s total with an 86.5-point ride aboard Space Monkey (Diamond Bar Cattle) in the second half. With the 172.5-0 win, Team South Point improved to 2-1 at the midway point through Division B action, while Team Boot Barn fell to 1-2.

“I’m drawing really good,” said Shane Proctor. “I got two bulls into my hand, the same as yesterday, we’re just lucky I guess.”

“I’m confident in my team,” said Team South Point Captain Cody Nance. “God has blessed us with the guys to do this. Shane is the MVP today, Casper stepped up, I missed mine today, but we’re going to get it done.”


Team Ariat Puts up Tournament’s Two Biggest Rides Back-to-Back to Become Last Undefeated Squad in its Division After Weekend One of Division B Action


Team Ariat: 266 points

Team Pendleton Whisky: 173.5

LAS VEGAS – The nationally televised “Game of the Week” ended weekend one of Division B action in PBR’s new team tournament with its first two 90-point rides – from an American PBR World Champion and a hot Australian youngster. The Australian, Ky Hamilton (Mackay, Queensland, Australia), once again led the charge for surging Team Ariat, this time with a perfect 2-for-2 performance, while Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas) recorded the tournament’s top score on Sunday afternoon against previously undefeated Team Pendleton Whisky. Lucas Divino (Nova Crixas Goias, Brazil) started the day off on the right foot for Team Pendleton Whisky, covering @PBR on TikTok (Paradigm Bull Company) for 88.75 points, which was the high-marked ride of the weekend until the game’s explosive second half. His effort was matched by teammate Amadeu Campos Silva (Atair, Brazil) who reached the 8-second whistle on Marquis Metal Works Draggin Up (Paradigm Bull Co/Marquis Metal Works), marked 84.75 points. But Team Ariat refused to be held down, as Hamilton bested Holy Water (Paradigm Bull Company) for 84.25 points in his first-half out. Ariat Team Captain Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas) closed out the first half with the first 90-point ride of the Monster Energy Team Challenge aboard Marquis Metal Works Bill The Butcher (Paradigm Bull Co/Marquis Metal Works) for 91 points. Hamilton started the second half for Team Ariat by tacking on another massive 90-point ride in topping Spotted Demon (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott) for 90.75 points. Within its namesake Pendleton Whisky Let ‘Er Buck Saloon at South Point Arena, Team Pendleton Whisky was shut out in the second half, handing the win to Team Ariat, 266-173.5 in one of the tournament’s most exciting contests. Team Ariat emerges from weekend one of Division B action 3-0, while Team Pendleton Whisky owns a 2-1 record.

“Our team pulled together today,” said Team Ariat Captain Cooper Davis after the game. “We had bulls we could be a lot of points on. Ky [Hamilton} obviously lead the team today, and I just followed suit.”

“I’m glad I’m just getting to watch Cooper lead by example,” said Ky Hamilton. “Having a guy like him to look up to is something that makes this so much better.”


CHALLENGE DAY 1New PBR Team Tournament Launches with a Blowout, Shutout and Dramatic Seesaw Battle at South Point Arena in Las Vegas

              Team Cooper Tires (1-0) Defeats Team Can-Am (0-1) │ 336.25-87

              Team Las Vegas (1-0) Defeats Team YETI (0-1) │ 88.25-0

              Team Union Home Mortgage (1-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-1) │ 337-257.25


CHALLENGE DAY 2Powerhouse Shutouts, Gritty Rides and High Adrenaline Action Headline Challenge Day 2

              Team Can-Am (1-1) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-2) │ 347.25-0

              Team Las Vegas (2-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-1) │ 257-85.25

              Team Cooper Tires (2-0) Defeats Team YETI (0-2) │ 332-0

CHALLENGE DAY 3Team Cooper Tires Builds Sizeable Lead with Third Consecutive Win to Conclude First Weekend of New PBR Team Challenge

              Team Las Vegas (3-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (0-3) │ 175.75-0

              Team YETI (1-2) Defeats Team Can-Am (1-2) │ 173-86.5

              Team Cooper Tires (3-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-2) │ 175.75-88.5

CHALLENGE DAY 4Unstoppable Team Cooper Tires and Resurgent Team Wrangler Headline Explosive Action from Challenge Day 4 of New PBR Team Challenge

              Team Can-Am (2-2) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (1-3) │ 173.25-0

              Team Wrangler (1-3) Defeats Team YETI (1-3) │ 259.5-254.25

              Team Cooper Tires (4-0) Defeats Team Las Vegas (3-1) │ 259.25-84.5

CHALLENGE DAY 5Dramatic Finishes on Challenge Day 5 of PBR Team Challenge Architect Must-Win Game for Final Division A Championship Berth

              Team Cooper Tires (5-0) Defeats Team Wrangler (1-4) │ 173-170.25

              Team Las Vegas (4-1) Defeats Team Can-Am (2-3) │ 175.25-89.25

              Team Union Home Mortgage (2-3) Defeats Team YETI (1-4) │ 88-87.5

CHALLENGE DAY 6: Mauricio Moreira Converts Under Pressure in Game’s Final Out to Propel Team Can-Am to PBR Team Challenge Playoffs in Sioux Falls

                Team Wrangler (2-4-0) Defeats Team Yeti (1-5-0) | 176.25-88.25

                Team Cooper Tires (6-0-0) Defeats Team Las Vegas (4-2-0) | 259-0

                Team Can-Am (3-3-0) Defeats Team Union Home Mortgage (2-4-0) | 173.5-172.75

CHALLENGE DAY 7: Pendleton Whisky Earns Walk-Off Win, Swearingen Proves Clutch, Davis Beats Dirteater as Division B Opens Action

                Team Pendleton Whisky (1-0) Defeats Team South Point (0-1) | 166.5-158

                Team Boot Barn (1-0) Defeats Team Cat (0-1) | 169-83.75

                Team Ariat (1-0) Defeats Team Lucas Oil (0-1) | 86.5-83

CHALLENGE DAY 8: Pendleton Whisky Takes Over First Place, Ariat Stays Undefeated while South Point and Lucas Oil Duel Into the Night

                Team Pendleton Whisky (2-0) Defeats Team Boot Barn (1-1) | 161.25-86

                Team Ariat (2-0) Defeats Team Cat (0-2) | 160.75-79.25

                Team South Point (1-1) Defeats Team Lucas Oil (0-2) | 259.25-171.25


PROBABLE: Team Cat’s Dakota Louis did not get on his second-half bull after spraining his thumb on his left (riding hand). He’s probable for Challenge Day 10.

PROBABLE: Team Pendleton Whisky’s Marco Eguchi did not get on his second-half bull after aggravating a pre-existing right thigh injury. He’s probably for Challenge Day 10.

QUESTIONABLE: Team South Point’s Ty Wallace did not get on his second-half bull after injuring his left elbow when he was hung up after being thrown from his first-half bull. He is questionable to Challenge Day 10.

QUESTIONABLE: Team Pendleton Whisky’s Amadeu Campos Silva got on his second-half bull after dislocating his left shoulder dismounting from his first-half bull. He also dislocated his shoulder on his second-half bull. He’s questionable for Challenge Day 10.

COMPETING: Team Ariat’s Ky Hamilton is competing with a right wrist (riding hand) sprain.

COMPETING: Team Lucas Oil’s Matt Triplett is competing with a right MCL sprain sustained on his first bull on Challenge Day 8.



Here are the Top bull 5 scores recorded through Challenge Days 6-9 of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

  1. Hurricane Party (Stockyards/Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Co) – 46 points (Challenge Day 9 – Matt Triplett, 3.46 seconds)
  2. Hurricane Party (Stockyards/Pritchett Ranch/Melton Bull Co) – 44.50 points (Challenge Day 7 –Daylon Swearingen, 5 seconds)
  3. Soy El Fuego (Stockyards/Scott Winston/Melton Bull Company) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 7 – Ky Hamilton, 3.43 seconds)

Drifter (Nunes Livestock/L&B Bucking Bulls) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 8 – Braden Richardson, 2.25 seconds)

Nailed (Kruger Bucking Bulls) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 9 – Daylon Swearingen, 3.02 seconds)

Marquis Metal Works Bill The Butcher (Paradigm Bull Co/Marquis Metal Works) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 9 – Cooper Davis, 91 points)

Spotted Demon (Julio Moreno/Dallas Schott) – 44.25 points (Challenge Day 9 – Ky Hamilton, 90.75 points)


Here are the standings for Division B after Challenge Day 9 of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

  1. Team Ariat, 3-0-0-513.25 points (+1)
  2. Team Pendleton Whisky, 2-1-0-589.75 points (-1)
  3. Team South Point, 2-1-0-501.25 points
  4. Team Lucas Oil, 1-2-0-425.5 points (+1)
  5. Team Boot Barn, 1-2-0-255 points (-1)
  6. Team Cat, 0-3-0-163 points



Here are the standings for the Built Ford Tough MVP race for the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol after Challenge Day 9:

  1. Jose Vitor Leme, 9-for-12, 779.5 points
  2. Roscoe Jarboe, 5-for-12, 434.75 points
  3. Mauricio Moreira, 5-for-12, 431.25 points
  4. Derek Kolbaba, 4-for-12, 347.5 points
  5. Colten Jesse, 4-for-12, 347 points
  6. Stetson Wright, 3-for-12, 261.75 points
  7. Shane Proctor, 3-for-6, 260.5 points
  8. Ky Hamilton, 3-for-6, 260.25 points
  9. Mason Taylor, 3-for-9, 260 points

Stetson Lawrence, 3-for-9, 260 points

Chase Dougherty, 3-for-10, 260 points

  1. Luciano de Castro, 3-for-11, 258 points
  2. Garrett Smith, 3-for-10, 255 points
  3. Sage Kimzey, 3-for-10, 254.5 points
  4. Cooper Davis, 3-for-6, 253 points
  5. Ryan Dirteater, 3-for-5, 252.25 points
  6. Keyshawn Whitehorse, 3-for-5, 241.25 points
  7. Rafael dos Santos, 2-for-5, 175.75 points
  8. Ezekiel Mitchell, 2-for-9, 175.25 points
  9. Fabiano Vieira, 2-for-10, 174.5 points



Here are the game matchups for Challenge Day 10 on Friday, June 26, for the fourth day of games of Division B of the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol:

Team Ariat                                         vs.          Team South Point

Team Lucas Oil                                vs.          Team Boot Barn

Team Pendleton Whisky               vs.          Team Cat

Challenge Day 10 for the 2020 PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge, presented by U.S. Border Patrol, gets underway Friday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET. Action will be LIVE on CBS Sports Network and RidePass. CBS Sports will again broadcast the Game of the Week on Sunday.

Courtesy: PBR



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